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Cassie Jaye

Cassie Jaye Quotes

Quotes by and about Cassie Jaye

(Continued from her main entry on the site.)

Jaye: "I've always been fairly open to talk to anyone who wants to talk to me. I don't feel like I have too much to hide."

Jaye: "[My] filmmaking style ... is very much fly on the wall. [I] don't tell the audience what to think. [I] just show the story and the people and let the audience make their own opinions. [I'm] not like a Michael Moore type of filmmaker."

Jaye: "With [gay marriage] the problem is that a majority of people are trying to dictate the rights of a minority."

Jaye: "There is much more work ahead of us until bisexuals, and transgendered people as well, have full respect and understanding. Humans like to compartmentalize sexuality by either saying someone is straight or gay. It's not so black and white."

Jaye: "I think understanding sexuality begins by understanding our own feelings before judging others actions."

Tracy Clark-Flory: "Jaye went into the project [of making 'The Red Pill'] intending to challenge [the men's rights movement's] 'misogynist' arguments and ended up impressed by their rebuttals. ... She hadn't thought about [men's] shorter life expectancies ... or known about the higher rates of homelessness, suicide and workplace deaths among men. Jaye was swayed by arguments about the tendency to not take male victims of sexual assault as seriously and the ways that men are discouraged from being caretakers."