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Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes Quotes

Quotes by and about Elizabeth Holmes

(Continued from her main entry on the site.)

Holmes: "[In innovation] there's no shortcut."

[On why she never changes her outfit:]
Holmes: "I wanted the focus to be on my work. I don't want to go into a meeting and have people looking at what I'm wearing. I want them listening to what I'm saying. And I want them to be looking at what we do."

[Asked why it took a decade from idea to execution:]
Holmes: "We needed to make the chemistry such so that it would only require small volumes of blood. We had to redevelop that analytical system to handle small volumes. We had to build the infrastructure around it all through software and automation to minimize the involvement of humans, where manual error could be great. It's software, hardware and chemistry."

Holmes: "I could take a vacation, but [at work] is where I want to be."

Henry Kissinger: "She invites argument and debate, though it's always absolutely clear she knows where she wants to go. She's a leader who doesn't act like a dominant charismatic personality. And those are often the strongest leaders."

Allison Profitt: "In person, she's polite ... and measured. When other people talk, she listens intently. She takes notes. ... Yet you get the impression that none of your questions are unexpected, none of your suggestions novel, none of your scenarios unanticipated."