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Eric Adams

Eric Adams Quotes

Quotes by and about Eric Adams

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Adams: "[Our fans] are a Manowar family - they're part of our family. [They're] metal brothers and sisters."

[Interviewer: "How do you decide which songs to play live?"]
Adams: "We try to pick songs that the fans what to hear. They write to the fan club and we pay attention to what they say. We really don't listen to record labels, or anybody else - we listen to fans."

Adams: "I was [always] a big fan. If it was true metal, I was there. ... I just had the opportunity to [become famous and] step up on stage. ... But my heart is still down there with the fans. It's not like I just got up on stage and said, 'Okay, I'm here on stage, so fuck you all!' It's not like that. I'm not like that."

Adams: "When you buy a Manowar T-shirt, it is going to be the best quality shirt. You can wash it 250 times, and it isn't going to fall apart. Other bands, they buy a shirt for $10, they sell it for $30, and you wear it twice and then you can't wear them anymore. I mean, we think about that stuff."

Adams: "You know, we aren't going to change. ... We'd be fucking our fans if we ever changed, and that's one thing we never could do."

Adrian Begrand: "[Manowar has] a remarkable bond with their ultra-devoted fanbase, one that no other band can rival."

The audience at a Manowar concert