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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Quotes

Quotes by and about Jennifer Lawrence

(Continued from her main entry on the site.)

Lawrence: "I'm a good bullshit detector. ... Ever since I was a kid, I was always calling shit out."

Francis Lawrence: "Jen is the most in-tune person I've ever met. It's uncanny, but her gift is that she can read people so quickly and use that on-screen. I would hate to date her because you would never be able to get away with anything."

Chris Pratt: "Jen is really tuned in to her emotions."

Emma Stone: "She has unbelievable clarity. She can witness a situation or meet a person and see through the entire thing almost instantly. It's stunning."

New York Magazine: "[Lawrence seems well aware that] we simply don't find successful, 'perfect' women very likable [and so she tries] to stay the underdog."

Vogue Magazine: "The waitress [came to our table], saying, 'This is a gift from the kitchen. They are lamb meatballs.' After she was gone, Lawrence said, 'I can't stand it. I don't eat lamb. I think it tastes like feet.' I said I didn't like lamb, either. Surreptitiously, we hid the meatballs in napkins while discussing her upcoming job. ... [Later] the waitress [came] back: 'Did you like 'em?' She meant the meatballs. Lawrence turned on the acting: 'They were delicious. They were awesome.' The waitress left. For the first time Lawrence seemed unhappy. 'I'm feeling ill,' she said. 'Look at my leg. I'm shaking my leg because I knew she was going to ask. I get the weirdest anxiety [about lying].' ... As Lawrence made her way out of the restaurant, the woman behind the bar said, 'You were great in Winter's Bone.' Lawrence thanked her. Outside, on the sidewalk, she said, 'I don't hear that very much. That's going to put a kick in my step.' In her hand was a napkin loaded with lamb meatballs."