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Joanna Newsom

Joanna Newsom Quotes

Quotes by and about Joanna Newsom

(Continued from her main entry on the site.)

Newsom: "The elements that I invoke ... [are] archetypal elements ... free-standing, huge forces."

Newsom: "A lot of [what you see of me on stage] is not me, simply because I'm a self-conscious person. [Being] on stage ... it's not a natural place for me."

Newsom: "I'm not a wanderer, which is funny because I'm on tour half the time. I'm a home, hearth and family kind of person."

Newsom: "The accepted theory of my albums being marked by an 'increasingly ambitious scope' doesn't ring true for me. ... The songs are always too much of a mystery for me to plot them along a creative time line."

Newsom and the Forest Child Archetype

New York Times: "[With Newsom] the music press quickly agreed on a cliché: Newsom was an earth child, an enchanted rustic, sprinkling pixie dust with each pluck of her harp strings."

Newsom: "[The press was] coding my eccentricities as childlike and naive. I felt like it minimized my intelligence."

Newsom: "[There are] many [inaccurate] things about me that just get picked up and said."

Joanna Newsom Fan Art

Newsom fan art by artist Francesca Elettra