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Jonsi Quotes

Quotes by and about Jonsi

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Jonsi: "Everything that Sigur Ros does has to flow; it is like good karma - if you do honest things, then everything is as it should be."

Jonsi: "I am drawn to obscure food the same way I am to obscure music. I like to be different."

Jonsi: "People think we are very serious and ... you know. ... It was really funny when ... a reporter ... put his tape recorder on the table and asked us to make a long speech. He said, 'Say something really important about music.' He expected us to be philosophers, but we just answered yes and no and he was disappointed, because he said he had had this major life experience when he was listening to the record. That's brilliant, of course, but it was the music."

Jonsi: "When we started traveling outside of Iceland and we started to become more known, we had to do some photo shoots and interviews. I remember we didn't like the photo shoots - we had to pose and be really cool. We always felt strongly about letting the music speak for itself, and there shouldn't be pictures of us, and stuff like that."