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Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor Quotes

Quotes by and about Regina Spektor

(Continued from her main entry on the site.)

Spektor: "The package of what I bring, it's definitely not the mainstream."

Spektor: "There's a lot of mortality in the world ... you definitely have a lot of worries as a kid and you develop magical thinking to deal with it, to prevent the bad stuff from happening. As life goes on you accept there's a lot you can't control, that things just happen."

Spektor: "I don't believe that someone who writes diaries or memoirs is more emotionally involved [in their work] than someone who writes fiction. I wouldn't believe that Kurt Vonnegut is not as personally involved as Anaïs Nin."

The Guardian: "[Spektor says:] 'I'm not really interested in having a specific genre. ... I don't believe people have to commit to anything artistically.' Sometimes, though, there's something about a song that can't be denied: if it wants to sound like a power ballad, it will do. 'It's like you have a kid who's great at sports but you want them to be artsy and read books all day, like you did. You don't want to be going to their football games. But they're naturally an athlete, they're naturally a jock. They want to be in that culture. You can't deny somebody, or a song, its natural properties.'"

The Telegraph: "On the positive side [she has a] refreshingly idiosyncratic approach to her craft and on the negative [a] cutesy voice and childlike tics which have included dolphin impressions and daft accents."

The Telegraph: "[In her music] some hear 'engaging eccentricity' and a bold 'lack of inhibition' where others cringe at the 'pretentious and borderline excruciating' sound of 'indie music's answer to Phoebe from Friends'. All agree she's 'prodigiously talented': bursting with original ideas, beautifully adventurous melodies and genre-hopping sounds. The question is always about whether she's ditzing that talent away or using it to express a unique and wonderful personality."

Rolling Stone Magazine: "[She's a] rare screwball who gets more universal as she gets weirder."