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Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe Quotes

Quotes by and about Russell Crowe

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Crowe: "My family's been in the [movie] business for three generations. I'm just the first one stupid enough to stand in front of the cameras!"

Crowe: "I wasn't one of those ooh-la-la-honey-lovey-darling performance sort of kids."

[Interviewer: "You can be testy with the media."]
Crowe: "Yeah, well, why not? Most of the people who work in your job are a pack of bloody idiots."

Crowe: "Life [is] full of bullshit. People are going to put you in a negative position if you aren't bold enough. Are you going to call them on the bullshit? Or are you going to be a wallflower and let life smack you in the face?"

Crowe: "I'm a very inquisitive person."

Crowe: "A whole part of my ... life has been ruined by becoming famous. But on the positive side [when you become famous] you get access to better minds. That's one advantage."

Crowe: "How many times have you read that I punch photographers? I have never punched a photographer. But I have thrown some of the sharpest intellectual barbs in my life at guys who are chasing me down the street with a camera. I cut them to the quick. They're lucky to get home with any blood in their system emotionally. And they hate me for it. I'm not sorry. You think it's OK for me to be fair game. I'm a puppy in a barrel. And you've got a shotgun. I've got no way of getting out of this barrel. And you're going to keep firing. So the only thing I can do is use words and that is the natural instinct: to fight."

Paul Giamatti: "[He is a] consummate contrarian."

Brian Grazer: "Russell is very tough. He's very intense and he can break you down if you're not grounded."

Geoffrey Wright: "Russell is the rudest actor I've ever met."

GQ Magazine: "[He is] a garrulous whirlwind of emotion and intellect."

GQ Magazine: "[He is] sore and quick to take offense ... but his strength of character persists."

GQ Magazine: "The key relationship in the creation of the film ['Robin Hood'] is clearly that between Ridley Scott and Crowe. Ask the latter what Scott gives him and Crowe mock kvetches 'Ulcers!' He refutes reports that he and Scott had been in violent disagreement on set. 'It's a common misconception, but we never argue - he's non-confrontational. He wants the best fucking idea and he wants it now. He said to me when we first met: 'If you tell me in post-production a good idea that you sat on, I will hate you forever. I want all your ideas while I can do something about it.'' He pauses for effect. 'And he's probably regretted saying that.'"

GQ Magazine: "He will remain a Hollywood outsider no matter how famous he becomes simply because of his refusal to toe the line."