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Are you an emotion scientist?

RULER is an evidence-based approach to assessing and improving emotional intelligence as developed by Marc Brackett, Ph.D. The five RULER skills involve Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing, and Regulating our emotions. Individuals with high scores across these five domains are considered “emotion scientists,” enjoying improved relationships, workplace success, and overall well-being.

For each of the following statements, indicate how well it describes you below.

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I take the time to pick a precise word to describe my feelings – to myself as well as to other people.



The IDRlabs RULER Emotional Intelligence Test (IDR-REIT©) was developed by, and is the exclusive property of, IDRlabs International. The IDR-REIT utilizes ideas from Marc Brackett, Ph.D., Director at Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and author of Permission to Feel, but the test is not in any way associated with Marc Brackett nor any other professionals or professional bodies affiliated with this written work.

The test provides feedback such as the following: Recognizing: Being able to identify emotions in ourselves and others affords us a better understanding of our emotional worlds, helps us work well with others, and shows us when someone is in need of support. Recognizing emotions involves reading facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice.

Understanding: Seeking to understand the cause of our own or someone else's feelings typically begins with questions such as “Where did this feeling come from?” It can take time to find the potential cause or overarching theme that triggered a specific emotion. If one is to reach a true understanding while others are merely struggling with the impulses and emotions that go through them, it is often necessary to disregard our own biases and assumptions and approach this skill with genuine curiosity, empathy, and desire to comprehend.

Labeling: Regularly going beyond typical descriptions of our emotions such as “fine” or “good” – that is, really taking the time to understand their nuances and depths – is one of the hallmarks of people with high emotional intelligence. With a proper vocabulary of emotions, we are able to identify them correctly and fully put them into perspective, as well as organize our thoughts and experiences to communicate what we have discerned with others. There is power in the ability to precisely identify our feelings.

Professionals in the field of psychology, who are well-versed in the use and scoring of various psychometric tests and measures of personality, have developed the IDRlabs RULER Emotional Intelligence Test. The present test was influenced by the written works of Marc Brackett, including his recent publication Permission to Feel; this test uses genuine psychometric items to determine users’ proficiency with five distinct emotional intelligence skills.

Online quizzes such as the present emotional intelligence test, whether they are professional, educational, or primarily for entertainment purposes, can only provide initial contemplations of some specific facets of your individual character and personality. From the current test, in particular, your responses and resulting overall score will provide information about your ability to utilize five different emotional intelligence skills. Despite the thorough and systematic nature of this test’s development and construction, no test ever created can determine your personality, character, or degree of social or emotional intelligence with total accuracy, nor can any such test replace the value of educating yourself about the relevant theories and models.

As the developers and publishers of this RULER Emotional Intelligence Test, we have endeavored to ensure that the quiz is as complete and accurate as possible by subjecting it to statistical controls and validation checks. Prior to beginning this free, online assessment, please remember that the test is provided “as-is” for entertainment purposes only and should therefore not be misunderstood as providing professional consultation or recommendations of any kind. For additional details about the present test or any of our other online tests, please refer to our Terms of Service.

Why Use This Test?

1. Free. This RULER Test is available to you at no charge and will allow you to obtain your score as related to the profiles of five distinct emotional intelligence skills.

2. Based on real psychometric items. Unlike many of the social or emotional intelligence tests and quizzes that are readily available online, the present test was constructed using genuine psychometric items.

3. Statistical controls. Scores for the present test are entered into an anonymized database. Statistical analysis of the quiz is conducted to ensure maximum validity and accuracy of the test scores.

4. Relevant to popular psychology. Permission to Feel and Marc Brackett’s other works have gained significant popularity due to research that demonstrates the impact of emotional intelligence skills on nearly every aspect of success and well-being.

5. Made by professionals. The current test has been created using the recommendations of people who work professionally with psychological research and psychometrics.