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South Park Test

Which South Park character do you resemble?

The South Park Personality Test is an unscientific test for entertainment purposes and made popular by the continued success of the franchise.

Using genuine psychometric items influenced by classic theories of personality, this assessment will determine which of seven South Park characters you most closely resemble.

For each of the following statements, indicate your level of agreement below.

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I seldom ever think or speak about sex.



The IDRlabs South Park Character Test was developed by, and is the exclusive property of, IDRlabs International. This test utilizes characters from the South Park franchise but is not in any way associated with professionals or professional bodies affiliated with the South Park comics or films. No infringement is intended by the present test.

The test provides feedback as follows: Cartman: Like Cartman, you are independent and radical to a fault. Buzzing with thoughts, ideas, and inspiration, you’re often too busy pursuing your own agenda to worry about other peoples’ opinions of you. You’re uncompromising in the pursuit of your goals. Bursting with self-confidence and with a need to conquer the world, you are strong-headed and unconstrained by convention; you speak your mind even when doing so might be disadvantageous for you. You have little inherent respect for authority and prefer to navigate by your own standards of value. You feel like the future is full of promise and potential, and you are always looking forward to the next opportunity.

Perhaps due to your profound connection to your own wants and desires, you have a particular knack for making the best of things — a natural capacity for intuiting the current situation and providing others with goods, services, or insights for which they are willing to reciprocate.

Your soft side is less often revealed, but behind your alpha exterior beats a tender heart. Where intimacy is concerned, you love being pampered and pleased. It is important to you to feel loved and special. On the flip side, you tend to handle rejection badly, and controlling your temper can be a challenge if you feel slighted or unwanted.

Kyle: You possess a thoughtful nature and have often challenged yourself to expand your mind by inquiring into ethical and philosophical questions. You sometimes feel like the events that happen around you are rather absurd, and you can’t help but ask yourself: What is the meaning of it all? What can we learn from the adversity we face? How can we expand our understanding of the world by reflecting on our own behavior and that of others?

You regard life as a constant process of exploration. Nevertheless, you strive to maintain strong moral integrity, and you stand up for what you believe is right. Sometimes it can be upsetting for you when your foundational beliefs are questioned, and you might be prone to reacting defensively when this happens. Still, you appreciate most opportunities to expand your horizon.

It frustrates you to witness people in roles of authority that fail in their responsibilities and refuse to take seriously the concerns and plight of those below them. You have a keen sense of justice, and you try your best to have a positive impact on the world around you. You are loyal to your friends, but you are not afraid to call them out on their bullshit. You consider honesty a virtue, and you seldom hesitate to speak your mind. Others admire you for these qualities, and while your uncompromising character can sometimes create conflict in your social circles, your friends are unfailingly loyal to you and treasure your friendship.

Kenny: While you’re not necessarily the loudest or most outspoken person in your social circle, you tend to make a lasting impression on those around you. Others sometimes find it difficult to understand you, but your close friends have an intuitive sense of what is happening in your inner landscape. You remain a bit of an enigma to most people, but those close to you consider you an open book; you’re drawn to those people who just “get” you.

You sometimes feel like you are especially unlucky, and you occasionally have the impression that others are not suitably responsive to your misfortune. A greater expressiveness where negative feelings are concerned might help guide other people toward meeting your need for sympathy in times of hardship. You might want to practice speaking clearly and concisely about your needs and wants.

Still, despite whatever misfortunes have befallen you, you feel like you’re always ultimately granted a second chance at life. No matter how much trouble you might be in, you always manage to wake up in the morning and see each day as a new beginning. This courage to seize the day and withstand hardship makes you incredibly resilient. Your courageous attitude and outlook mean that you are unlikely to succumb to any adversity life throws your way. Some way or other, you always find a way to get back on your feet again.

Stan: You are an independent and inquisitive person. You’re adventurous, and, for this reason, you often experience things that others would find rather extraordinary. You have a strong and resourceful character, and you are capable of employing unconventional problem-solving skills in the face of an unconventional problem. You realize that words and thoughts alone will get us nowhere in life; if we want results, we must resort to action.

Although you’re not status-seeking or despotic, you are not afraid to take the lead. So, since you often find yourself being the driving force within your social group, you are both assertive and creative in coming up with novel ideas and strategies. Inherently independently minded, you often question authority figures and don’t take anything for granted. You want to see things for yourself before you believe them, and you feel a deep need to form your own opinions rather than simply adhere to consensus.

You are unpretentious and enjoy the simple things in life. In your soul, deep-seated curiosity exists side-by-side with a genuine appreciation of the simple things in life. Your natural unpretentiousness makes you likable and relatable to other people. You are neither a know-it-all nor a brainless jock; you strike a balance between inquisitiveness, assertiveness, and resourcefulness.

As the developers and publishers of this South Park Character Test, we have striven to make sure the quiz is as complete and accurate as possible by subjecting it to statistical controls and validation. Before taking our free online assessment, please remember that the test is provided “as-is” for entertainment purposes and should not be misconstrued as providing professional advice or recommendations of any kind. If you would like additional information about the present test or any of our other online tests, please refer to our Terms of Service.

South Park Test

Why Use This Test?

1. Free. This South Park Test is available to you at no charge and will allow you to obtain your scores as related to the personality profiles of seven major characters.

2. Based on real psychometric items. Unlike other franchise character tests and quizzes that are readily available online, the present test was constructed using genuine psychometric items and was influenced by classic personality theories.

3. Statistical controls. Scores for the present test are entered into an anonymized database. Statistical analysis of the quiz is conducted to ensure maximum validity and accuracy of the test scores.

4. Made by professionals. The current test has been made using the recommendations of people who work professionally with psychological research and psychometrics.