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Luke Skywalker

Raised in obscurity on a moisture farm on the remote desert planet of Tatooine, Luke did not think he was destined for much until he accidentally stumbled upon a set of droids carrying a secret message. These droids prompted him to strike up a relation with an old hermit, Ben Kenobi, who was once a Jedi knight like his father. Intensely loyal to those around him, Luke is initially reluctant to leave his uncle and aunt’s farm, but outside events eventually force his hand and prod him to take up his father’s mantle.

Luke is brave and courageous but also has an eager and impatient streak. Once he decides on a course of action, he tends to struggle with his own patience, as he is convinced that good will always triumph. Restricted by the limited nature of his training and struggling to accept the dark truth about his past, Luke is an unlikely hero whose legacy almost threatens to overcome him. Yet despite the constant challenges and setbacks he endures, he is eventually able to summon the strength he needs to overcome the greatest of adversities. To Luke, his friends, mentors, and ultimately his faith in the Force are truly inexhaustible sources of strength.