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Wednesday Addams Character Test

Which Wednesday character do you resemble?

The Wednesday personality test is a “just for fun” test for entertainment purposes. The test will determine which of seven Wednesday characters you most closely resemble.

To take the test, indicate how well each of the following statements describes you below.

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I am an analytical problem-solver.



The IDRlabs Wednesday Character Test (IDR-WCT) was developed by IDRlabs International. The IDR-WCT utilizes characters from the Addams Family franchise but is not in any way associated with Tim Burton, MGM Television, Netflix Streaming Services, or any other professionals or professional bodies affiliated with the Addams Family franchise.

The Test includes the following characters:


“Emotion equals weakness. Pull yourself together.”

Unnerving and proud of it, Wednesday Addams makes a commanding entrance as the new student at Nevermore Academy. She prefers darkness, solitude, and quiet, initially believing herself to be better off alone. Wednesday has difficulty understanding, perceiving, and expressing emotions while at the same time also being the first person to stand up for an underdog or outcast. She is intelligent, perceptive, and needs to be in complete control at all times; a trait that causes her to live a very structured and rigid life. She is resourceful, analytical, and loves complex puzzle-solving. When there is something to fix or a mystery to unravel, Wednesday becomes single-mindedly obsessed until she has reached her goal, letting nothing or nobody stand in her way.


“I just hope that one day you’ll finally be able to accept me for who I am.”

Roommate and friend of Wednesday Addams, Enid, is a bubbly, welcoming, colorful presence at Nevermore Academy. She loves all things bright and fun, approaching life with open arms and a spontaneous spirit. Enid has natural people skills and is consistently friendly and upbeat, making any situation feel like a celebration. The youngest (and late bloomer) of a family of werewolves, Enid struggles to feel accepted for who she is. She is prone to getting her feelings hurt and won’t hesitate to let others know it. She loves gossip, socializing, and spending time around others. Enid believes people are capable of doing the right thing and naturally bring out the best in those around her.


“Seeing you in handcuffs, accused of murder, I’ve never loved you more.”

An original Goth Girl and lover of all things morbid and violent, Morticia Addams is a gentle yet imposing force, appearing at all times to be elegant, poised, and aloof. Descended from a long line of powerful witches, Morticia is intuitive, wise, and empathetic. She is fiercely loyal and protective of her family, emphasizing the importance of tradition and taking great pride in her family heritage. Though not outwardly warm or nurturing, Morticia is still a loving parent who cares deeply for her children and encourages them to pursue their unique hobbies and passions. Morticia does not hold back from sharing her opinions or beliefs, using her sharp tongue and wit when she needs to get her way.


“I tried being your friend; look where that got me.”

Another classmate of Wednesday Addams, Xavier, is one of the most accepting, laid-back, and understanding students at Nevermore Academy. He is highly emotionally intelligent and values authentic self-expression while simultaneously wanting to hide from some of his more painful emotional experiences. Xavier takes his time coming to conclusions, thinking through all aspects of a situation with great care. Not giving up on others easily, Xavier always sees the best in people and enjoys being someone they can depend on. He is introverted, sensitive, and keeps his personal struggles to himself. Creative and artistic, Xavier is best able to express his psychic visions and dreams through his art.


“My mom says people will appreciate me when I’m older.”

Sweet, caring, and perhaps a little naive, Eugene is more powerful than he appears at first glance, with the psychic power to control entire swarms of bees. Others have a tendency to underestimate Eugene, and he struggles to find his place with his peers as a result. He is logical, practical, and a natural-born scientist, readily exploring the world around him with curiosity and optimism. Eugene becomes fast friends with Wednesday, helping her in a time of need with little thought for his own welfare. Even though a situation may make him nervous, Eugene is capable of great acts of courage and loyalty when he puts his mind to something. Eugene wears his heart on his sleeve, not afraid to be vulnerable and open about his feelings.


“What does it feel like…to lose?”

Tyler is a local working at the coffee shop in town who quickly befriends Wednesday with his unique brand of quiet and kind-hearted charm. He does not shy away from talking about his emotions, and he appreciates when others can be open and genuine with him as well. Tyler is hard-working and responsible, determined to move away from Jericho and escape his complicated family history. Tyler is a deeply introspective, private person who has two very different sides to his personality. He struggles to figure out who he truly is and whether it’s possible to outrun one’s past. Indeed, Tyler hides away the parts of himself that he doesn’t want to share with others while simultaneously drawing people in with his warmth and sensitivity.


“Anyone else want to challenge me?”

Self-appointed Queen Bee of Nevermore Academy, Bianca is a Siren who can influence the thoughts and feelings of those around her. She forged her own path in life at a young age, determined to escape her mother’s questionable lifestyle. Competitive, intelligent, and successful, Bianca is often the first person to answer a question in class or face a new challenge head-on. Other students frequently look to her for guidance and advice. Bianca has natural leadership abilities and a take-charge attitude, earning her a band of admirers and followers. As beautiful as she is popular, Bianca appears to have everything going for her; however, she still has insecurities of her own, being prone to jealousy and occasionally struggling to trust others.

As the developers and publishers of this Wednesday Character Test, we have strived to make sure the quiz is as complete and accurate as possible by subjecting it to statistical controls and validation. Before taking our free online assessment, please remember that the test is provided “as-is” for entertainment purposes and should not be misconstrued as providing professional advice or recommendations of any kind. If you would like additional information about the present test or any of our other online tests, please refer to our Terms of Service.

Wednesday Addams Character Test

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