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Wife Rating Scale Test

In 1929, medical doctor and Ph.D. George W. Crane made the Marital Rating Scale to measure whether a woman would be a good wife. Today, many of Crane’s ideas may be seen as outdated, but the test can still be used to get a glimpse of what marital norms were like or whether someone would have been seen as a good wife in 1929.

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The IDRLabs Marital Rating Scale, Wife Edition, is based on the work of George W. Crane.

The Marital Rating Scale, also known as the "MRS," was developed by Dr. George W. Crane. Dr. Crane was a psychologist and marriage counselor who created this scale to assess and evaluate the health of a marriage. The scale was designed to help couples identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses in their relationship.

The Marital Rating Scale typically consists of a series of questions or statements that couples can respond to, and their answers are used to generate a numerical score. The score is then interpreted to provide insights into the overall quality of the marriage. The goal of the MRS is to facilitate communication between spouses and guide them in addressing areas of concern or improvement in their relationship.

It's worth noting that while the Marital Rating Scale was developed by Dr. George W. Crane and has been used in some marriage counseling contexts, it may not be as widely recognized or used as other relationship assessment tools. Different therapists and counselors may prefer different methods for assessing and working with couples.

Dr. George W. Crane, known for his work on marriage and relationships, outlined several qualities that he believed characterized a good wife in his writings. It's important to note that these perspectives were developed within the cultural and social context of his time, and opinions on relationships have evolved over the years. Here are some of the qualities that Dr. Crane emphasized:

Admiration and Respect: Dr. Crane emphasized the importance of mutual admiration and respect between spouses. He believed that a good wife should hold her husband in high regard and express appreciation for his qualities and efforts.

Affectionate and Demonstrative: A good wife, according to Dr. Crane, should be affectionate and express love and warmth toward her husband. Demonstrating physical and emotional affection was considered important for maintaining a strong marital bond.

Homemaking Skills: Dr. Crane placed value on a wife's homemaking skills. This included managing the household effectively, creating a comfortable home environment, and taking care of domestic responsibilities.

Intelligence and Conversational Ability: He believed that a good wife should be intelligent and possess conversational skills. The ability to engage in meaningful conversations with her husband was seen as an important aspect of a healthy marriage.

Sexual Compatibility: Dr. Crane recognized the importance of sexual compatibility in a marriage. He suggested that a good wife should be attuned to her husband's sexual needs and maintain a satisfying intimate relationship.

It's essential to approach historical perspectives on relationships with an awareness of changing societal norms and values. Views on gender roles and marital expectations have evolved over time, and contemporary discussions on relationships emphasize equality, communication, and mutual respect. Individual preferences and expectations in a marriage can vary widely, and what makes a successful and fulfilling partnership is subjective and unique to each couple. If you're seeking advice on marriage or relationships, consider consulting with a qualified relationship counselor or therapist who can provide guidance tailored to your specific situation and values.

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