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Wojak Test (8 Scale Version)

Which Wojak are you?

Wojaks are versatile characters used to represent various emotions and experiences, from everyday life to specific subcultures. The characters allow for a wide range of interpretations, fostering creativity and self-expression. The relatability of Wojak characters makes them powerful tools for connecting with others and sharing common experiences, regardless of background or identity.

Which Wojak are you? For each of the following statements, indicate how well it describes you below.

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I am usually cheerful and in a good mood.



The IDRlabs Wojak Test (8 Scale Version) was developed by IDRlabs.

Wojak, also known as Feels Guy, is a cartoon character that has become one of the most popular and versatile memes on the internet. The character's simple yet expressive design has allowed it to be used to represent a wide range of emotions, experiences, and subcultures.

Over time, Wojak's image was modified and adapted by users around the world, and it began to take on a wider range of expressions and connotations. For example, Wojak with tears running down his face became a popular representation of sadness, while Wojak with a cynical smirk became a symbol of bitterness or cynicism.

Wojak's popularity exploded in the mid-2010s, as meme culture took off on social media. The character's versatility made it a perfect tool for creating relatable and humorous memes about everyday life. Wojak was also used to express political views, often in a satirical or mocking way.

As Wojak memes became more popular, new variations of the character began to emerge. Some of the most popular Wojak characters include:

Soyjak: A character with a weak, feminine appearance, often used to represent liberals or progressives.

Psycho: A character with a wild, deranged expression, often used to represent anger, violence, or instability.

Chad: A muscular, confident character, often used to represent masculinity, dominance, or success.

Wojak has had a profound impact on internet culture. The character has become a universal symbol for a wide range of emotions and experiences, and it has been used to spark conversations about politics, social issues, and pop culture.

Wojak's versatility and adaptability have also made it a powerful tool for creativity and expression. The character has been used to create original artwork, music, and literature. Wojak has even been featured in video games and movies.

Wojak is a cultural phenomenon that is likely to continue to evolve and influence internet culture for years to come. The character's ability to capture complex emotions and represent a wide range of experiences makes it a valuable tool for self-expression and social commentary.

In the ever-changing landscape of internet culture, Wojak has stood the test of time, remaining a ubiquitous and recognizable figure. Its enduring appeal lies in its ability to transcend cultural and linguistic barriers, connecting with individuals across diverse backgrounds and experiences.

A Universal Language of Emotions: Wojak's simplicity and facial expressions allow it to serve as a universal language, conveying a wide range of emotions that resonate with people worldwide. The character's blank face, often devoid of any context, invites viewers to project their own emotions onto it, making it a powerful tool for self-expression and relatability.

A Mirror to Society's Experiences: Wojak's versatility extends beyond individual emotions, reflecting the collective experiences of society at large. The character has been used to portray the anxieties, frustrations, and triumphs of everyday life, providing a relatable lens through which to view the world.

A Platform for Social Commentary: Wojak's adaptability has made it a valuable tool for social commentary, allowing users to satirize cultural trends, challenge societal norms, and express political views. The character's diverse variations, each with its own distinct connotation, provide a rich palette for nuanced social commentary.

A Symbol of Resilience and Empowerment: Despite its initial association with negative emotions, Wojak has also been reclaimed as a symbol of resilience and empowerment. Users have used the character to express their struggles and triumphs, fostering a sense of community and solidarity among individuals facing similar challenges.

A Canvas for Artistic Expression: Wojak's popularity has inspired a vast array of artistic expressions, from traditional paintings and sculptures to digital art and music. The character's blank canvas has provided artists with a blank slate upon which to project their creativity, adding depth and dimension to its iconic image.

Wojak memes can serve as a form of creative expression and social commentary; however, their misuse has also led to controversy and the perpetuation of stereotypes. It is crucial to approach these memes with caution, to enjoy them in good fun, and to maintain awareness of their potential impact on online discourse.

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Wojak Test (8 Scale Version)

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