Woodrow Wilson’s Psychological Type

Articles on Wilson Provided by this Site:

  • Why Wilson Is ISTJ In this article the site administrators explain their current reasons for why they think Woodrow Wilson is ISTJ. Of the three articles provided here, only this article should be taken to represent the official views and type assessments of the site. 
  • Why Wilson Is INTJ, Part 1 – This article was originally written as a joint piece between contributing guest writer Dylan Shapiro and one of the site admins at a time where all parties believed that Wilson was INTJ. Since then, the administrators of the site have  changed their assessment of Wilson to ISTJ, while Shapiro still sees Wilson as INTJ with Compulsive traits. Hence this article no longer reflects the views of the site admins, but it may still be read by anyone who wishes to familiarize himself with the arguments for INTJ and/or the arguments for Wilson having a Te/Fi axis rather than an Fe/Ti axis.
  • Why Wilson Is INTJ, Part 2 In this article, guest writer Dylan Shapiro continues his exploration and lists further reasons for why he identifies Wilson as INTJ. As above, this article reflects Shapiro’s views, and not those of the site admins.

Assessments of Wilson’s personality:

  • Myers identifies Wilson as ITP.
  • Keirsey & son identify Wilson as ESTJ.
  • The American Psychological Association identifies Wilson as an introvert.
  • Rubenzer & Faschingbauer’s data on Wilson, using the Big Five test, suggest E-, O+, A-, and C+ (i.e. INTJ).
  • CelebrityTypes contributing guest writer Dylan Shapiro identifies Wilson as INTJ.
  • CelebrityTypes Admins identify Wilson as ISTJ.


  • David Keirsey Sr. & Ray Choiniere: Presidential Temperament (Prometheus Nemesis 1992) p. 11 ff., 247 ff.
  • Myers: Gifts Differing (Davies-Black Publishing 1995) p.  53, 89
  • Personal Correspondence with David Keirsey Jr. (2014)
  • Rubenzer & Faschingbauer: Personality, Character, and Leadership in the White House (Potomac Books 2004)


  1. Its amazing how WW and Coolidge were originally typed INFJs on the site, were commonly thought of as INTJs and end up being typed ISTJs. I also see how CelebrityTypes recent typings are more close to Keirsey’s.

  2. I meant yours is the only good typing site on the internet and while your way of typing is very unlike Keirsey you’ve still arrived at similar conclusions on many occasions. I appreciate how you readily revise your assessments but was just wondering how did two STJ presidents (WW and CC) were originally typed as INFJs when there is very little resemblance between INFJs and ISTJ. They have no cognitive function in common. How drastic was the change in the data available that lead to this?

  3. It is a paradox of Jungian type history that Keirsey Sr.’s type assessments are (in our opinion) better than those of other theorists, including Jung, while his type _theory_ is perhaps overly simplistic and biased against Ss. It must also be mentioned that in our assessment, there is a big gap between Keirsey Sr. and Keisey Jr.’s methods of determining someone’s type. The assessments found in PUM I & II, as well as in ‘Presidential Temperament,’ are generally much closer to our own than the ones Keirsey Jr. puts up on his site and blog. As for Wilson, as the article says, many of the books on the man are misleading. Roughly speaking, they’re written by Ns who make W out to be some ideal version of themselves. And Coolidge, well, I’m afraid we don’t remember at this point. … And thanks for the compliment :)

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