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DISC Test (Classic Version)

Based on the work of psychologists W.M. Marston and W.V. Clarke, the DISC is a behavior assessment tool that measures the traits of dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness. It is one of the most widely-used tests in organizational psychology.

What is your DISC profile? For each of the following word choices, select the one that is the MOST and LEAST like you.

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The IDRlabs DISC Personality Test is the property of IDRlabs International.

Ours is one of the few free tests that is subjected to statistical controls and validation. Even so, please keep in mind that tests are merely indicators – a first peek at the index to get you started.

Personality TestsTeam Role Tests, and Career Tests, whether they are professional or "official" tests like the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®), the NEO PI-R, Five Factor Model Test, or free online DISC Personality tests like this one, are merely indicators to help you find your personal position on the relevant traits and temperaments measured. No test ever devised can designate your DISC personality profile with complete accuracy or reliability and no personality test can replace familiarizing yourself with the works of the relevant theories in the field.

As the publishers of this free online DISC personality test, which allows you to discover your preferred DISC profile on the traits of Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness, we have endeavored to make this DISC test as reliable, valid, accurate, and complete as possible.

Like the "official" tests such as the Belbin test, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, the Jung Type Indicator, the NEO PI-R, and other such professional, accurate instruments (with which the present test should not be confused), our free online test is subjected to statistical controls and validation in order to make the results accurate and trustworthy.

The authors of this free online DISC personality profile test are certified in the use of numerous personality tests and have worked professionally with psychometrics, typology, and personality testing. Prior to using our free DISC test, please note that while some of the results provided may be compatible with the results of other tests and training materials, this test should not be confused with official trademarked tests, such as the ones mentioned above. The results of our free online DISC personality profile are provided "as-is", for free, and should not be construed as providing professional or certified advice of any kind. For more, please consult our Terms of Service.

Why Use This Test?

1. Free. This free online DISC personality profile test is delivered to you free of charge and will allow you to obtain your scores on the four traits measured by DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness).

2. Classic. This version of the DISC test uses the classic ipsative format for maximum adherence to the early roots of DISC.

3. Statistical controls. Test scores are logged into an anonymized database. Statistical analysis of the test is conducted to ensure maximum accuracy and validity of the test scores.

4. Made by professionals. The authors of this free online DISC personality profile test are certified in the use of numerous personality tests and have worked professionally with personality typology, as well as corporate, personality, and IQ testing.