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Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg Quotes

Quotes by and about Andy Samberg

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Samberg: "[When I went trick-or-treating as a kid] there was a nice house we'd walk up to in the neighborhood where the people didn't want to deal with handing out candy, so they would leave a bucket with full candy bars and a note that said: Please take one. My dickhead friends and I would roll up and just dump the whole thing into our bags and take off. If you're not gonna bother saying hi to the kids then don't expect us to play by the rules."

Samberg: "If you don't ask your boss [first] he can't say no."

Samberg: "People always ask [me] for advice and I always say: 'Get out of your comfort zone. Leave where you're from. Get out and experience more of the world.'"

Samberg: "I hate [having a packed schedule]. I pretty much know what I'm doing every part of the day for the next year, and saying that out loud gives me the shits."

Samberg: "I'm a tearless clown. If I were to get a tattoo, it would be the two masks, and they would be both smiling."

Samberg: "The older you get, the funnier fart jokes are. Any 20-year-old can make fart jokes. But when Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner do it? Holy sh-t! If you let go of fart jokes, you've let go of a piece of humanity."

Samberg: "Awesometown was the name of a TV pilot I made with my two creative partners, Akiva [Schaffer] and Jorma [Taccone], right before we got our SNL auditions. It was all sketch comedy, and we wanted it to be a kind of sanctuary from natural disasters and wars and everything that was getting you down."

Samberg: "Anytime you make something that is encouraging ridiculousness and surrealism and taking things less seriously, is my favorite kind of comedy."

Samberg: "I was trying to make jokes in class in school as early as first grade. I wanted to be on 'SNL' since I was eight. So, I locked in the comedy very early on. And my parents always tell me that even as a baby I was constantly laughing and giggling. I'm just a laughy kind of guy I guess."

Samberg: "[There is an] episode of Inside the Actor's Studio with Dave Chappelle, when James Lipton plays a clip from Half Baked and says, 'That was a remarkable piece of acting.' Chappelle just dies laughing. That was my favorite thing ever. There's no way to talk about comedy seriously without sounding like a dickhead."

Samberg: "[Adam Sandler is] such a hyper-positive guy and he's like: 'You're gonna be great - just decide what you want to do and then you can do it.'"

Samberg: "[Joanna Newsom] is just one of the best songwriters I've ever heard. Her songs do the thing that's my favorite thing that art can do, which is be full of beauty and yet melancholy at the same time. 'Cause that's what life is, really: beauty, and also melancholy."

New York Magazine: "His childhood was, it seems, untroubled by exceptional trauma, corrosive unpopularity, or other psychic scars that might have warped him into a jester."