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Chris Martin

Chris Martin Quotes

Quotes by and about Chris Martin

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Martin: "I don't think [vulnerability] is just a feminine thing. All men are soft and vulnerable, as well. ... I think we boys, we men, are actually much weaker and softer than we like to think."

Martin: "[As a teenager I] felt like there must be more to life than rugby and cheap cider on the weekends."

Martin: "One of our big conversations that we always have in this band is, we don't see rock & roll as being about coke-taking, leather-trouser-wearing rebellion, because that to us is not rebellion anymore. The spirit of rock & roll is freedom. It's about following what you believe in and not caring what anyone else says. And if that means writing something on your hand, then you've got to write something on your hand. It doesn't matter if you don't look as cool as the Ramones - you're never going to, anyway. So I know that we'll be ridiculed for this and look stupid for that. But as long as we believe in what we're doing, we can't apologize for it."

Martin: "There is something glamorous to me in taking a bit of a beating and keeping on going."

Martin: "I don't really care about [our record company]. I think shareholders are the great evil of this modern world."

Martin: "One day in Haiti I was talking to a farmer. I said, 'I don't have any solution to these problems.' He said, 'Of course you don't! You're a singer.' He was right. Music is what I live for - and as Coldplay, our main job is to make the best music we can. But I hope that in our small way we can do something to raise awareness."

Martin: "[Rihanna] has my favorite singing voice. ... It's so rich, but she's never showing off. She always puts the song first, not her ego. ... I really respond to it."

[On collaborating with Jay-Z:]
Martin: "The only thing that's difficult is that, when a business person sees who's on the track, they wanna market it much more. Regardless of whether it's brilliant or not. That's what I find frustrating, the fact that it has to say, 'featuring Coldplay' or 'Chris Martin'. That stuff makes me wanna gag."

Rolling Stone: "[In person] Martin is almost unnervingly intense: He has an endearing, Hugh Grant-like stammer, but when he feels strongly about what he's saying, which is often, his eyes give off little sparks, like he's a mad scientist detailing plans for world domination."

Pitchfork Magazine: "Martin is mostly immune to the groan-worthy platitudes and shameless chest-puffing typical of his stadium-filling brethren."

Pitchfork Magazine: "[In person] Martin seems genuinely engaged, his boyish charm never souring into smarm. ... [He is] playful and witty. ... [And] as innocent as [a] teenager. ... [He exudes an] utmost sincerity."

Pitchfork Magazine: "[He is] very self-deprecating and a little goofy."

Entertainment Weekly: "[He] has an easy way with a quip."