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Colin Firth

Colin Firth Quotes

Quotes by and about Colin Firth

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Firth: "[By nature] I'm not ... very demonstrative."

Firth: "Most actors will tell you they have some sort of dream of doing something other than what they're doing. I don't know why it produces this dissatisfaction. Perhaps they feel that they are not being treated as substantial enough, or something. I am no exception. I'd love to try my hand at something else."

Firth: "I think actors are very often people who are not necessarily comfortable within convention. We reinvent one for ourselves. I don't think we are unconventional creatures; I think we are looking for alternative conventions."

Firth: "[Acting should have] nothing to do with demonstration. ... It [should be] just an expression of integrity and there [is] such a paradox in that because acting by its very nature is false. So how can [an actor], through doing very little, exude truth and humanity and intelligence?"

Firth: "As much as possible I like to leave the decision [of what clothes I should wear] to someone else. ... I am not very good at thinking about it or designing the look myself."

Firth: "I'm very suspicious of people who romanticize their childhood."

[Nicole Kidman: "Did you know I skydive, Colin?"]
Firth: "No. I did not know you skydived."
[Nicole Kidman: "Skydiving is the closest thing to flying... Look at Colin's face! He's like: Ugh!"]
Firth: "I do like the thrill of fear but I'll take it on my sofa in front of a scary film."

Julian Mitchell: "Firth [is] quite reserved ... [and] not obviously flamboyant."

Richard Benson: "[He is known for the] aloof, alienated, intellectual roles he has played so well."

Richard Curtis: "He can play romantic figures who are unfriendly, scary and a bit damaged."

Isabel Lloyd: "[As we have started discussing ideas] Firth has become very animated. His body language has changed, his gestures have expanded, and he's smiling - not at me, but to himself, excited by the idea he has just had. You sense that Firth is in the thrall of ideas."