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Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt Quotes

Quotes by and about Emily Blunt

(Continued from her main entry on the site.)

Blunt: "I didn't have that burning ambition to act that a lot of people do. ... I had a rather shoulder-shrugging approach to entering the business."

[Asked what she hoped people would take away from a film:]
Blunt: "I don't really know what I wanted them to take away from it. I never really think about what people might react to in general."

Blunt: "If I open a script and the description reads 'nice, normal girl', I slam it shut."

The Observer: "She is a thinker and has a tendency towards pensiveness. ... It is a thoughtfulness that translates well on screen."

Jason Segel: "[She is] one of the guys. She's so easy to hang out with. She's the most feminine tomboy you could ever hope to meet. She's a tomboy in a dress."

Anne Hathaway: "[When we were acting together] she just fucking got on with it. She'd just jump off the diving board. I'd stop, look at the water and then jump. And suddenly I just thought, her way looks so much more fun."