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Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot Quotes

Quotes by and about Gal Gadot

(Continued from her main entry on the site.)

Gadot: "I am a people person. I do love people."

Gadot: "I am sure if you have kids, you want your kids to be healthy and to have a good future and to be happy. That's something that all of us can relate to."

Gadot: "There's a big lack of true, real representation of women on film, because usually we're the damsel in distress, we're the sidekick, we need to be rescued by the guy - it's not the way it is in real life! In real life, women, we bring life."

Gadot: "You certainly feel the pressure. [Wonder Woman] means so much to so many. And you do feel the weight of the responsibility."

Gadot: "For me it was very important that we didn't portray [Wonder Woman] as a ball buster or as a cold woman just because she is so strong."

Gadot: "I wanted [Wonder Woman] to be very warm, a warm character, very vulnerable, and full of hope and love."

Gadot: "There are so many beautiful things about [Wonder Woman]. She's all about truth and justice and love and compassion and acceptance, and I think now more than ever these values are so relevant."

Gadot: "I feel that I've got the opportunity to set a great role model for girls to look up to a strong, active, compassionate, loving, positive woman and I think it's so important. It's about time that somebody will do that and I'm very privileged and honored to be the one."

Gadot: "I truly believe that everything happens for a reason."

[Asked about her female role models:]
Gadot: "I think that the biggest one that I followed was Maya Angelou. I loved her agenda and the way she was expressing herself and all of the messages that she had to say. I named my daughter, my youngest one, Maya. She had the most effect on me. Others were my mother of course and my grandmother, who were my immediate role models."

[About serving in the Israeli army:]
Gadot: "Let me start by saying, I wish no country had the need for an army. But in Israel serving is part of being an Israeli. You've got to give back to the state. You give two or three years, and it's not about you. You give your freedom away. You learn discipline and respect."

Danny Huston: "Not only does she bring a lot of herself into the part, which makes it feel genuine, but she's also a hard worker and [she] gets it. She's beautiful inside and out."