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Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Quotes

Quotes by and about Hugh Jackman

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Jackman: "For me, life is about deepening [my] connection [with others] and deepening my level of service."

Jackman: "I'm a bit of a people pleaser."

Jackman: "I am fairly thin-skinned."

Jackman: "By nature I'm not a brooder."

Hugh Jackman

Jackman: "If I meet someone at a bus stop, I want to really meet that person. I don't want to be 'Hugh Jackman, the famous actor.'"

Jackman: "Backstage at the Oscars, I once heard someone say, 'George Clooney's so great, because he knows the names of the crew.' I was like, 'Shouldn't he? He spent five months with these 30 people.' If you worked in any office for five months and didn't know people's names, everyone would think you were nuts."

Jackman: "If you love something, you don't just read about it; you hug it, you mess with it, you play with it."

Jackman: "[My] basic philosophy is that if the Buddha and Krishna and Jesus were all at a dinner table together, they wouldn't be arguing."

Amanda Seyfried: "He literally is grateful for every single opportunity."