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Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales Quotes

Quotes by and about Jimmy Wales

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Wales: "You shouldn't really use Wikipedia as the sole source for anything, ever. You shouldn't use anything as the sole source for anything, in my view."

Wales: "Hayek's work on price theory is central to my own thinking about how to manage the Wikipedia project. One can't understand my ideas about Wikipedia without understanding Hayek."

Wales: Ludwig von Mises was] bombastic and wrong in many ways."

Wales: "One of the core things [in Ayn Rand's work] that is very applicable to my life today is the virtue of independence ... [A character] is given a choice, a difficult choice, to compromise his integrity or to essentially go out of business. And he has to go and take a job working in a quarry. And for me that model has a lot of resonance. What I'm doing and the way I'm doing it is more important to me than any amount of money or anything like that because it's my artistic work."

Irene McGee: "Jimmy Wales is a very open person. He has very genuine intentions and faith in people."

Irene McGee: "He'll come to San Francisco and come to little Meetups that don't have anything to do with anything, just to find out what's going on. He'll go to meet the kid in this town who writes articles and then meet with people who run countries. He can meet somebody really fancy and he could meet somebody who nobody would recognize and tell the story as if it's the same."