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Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais Quotes

Quotes by and about Ricky Gervais

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Gervais: "I love animals. Growing up, the two things that made my blood boil were religious intolerance and animal cruelty. I've never understood it. I can't stand to have an animal in pain. I've got to get it out of my head. It makes me angry, I want to cry, I want to stab someone. I don't know where that comes from, really."

Gervais: "Whenever I do a thing about animals, there's always someone that goes, 'What about children dying in Syria?' Yeah, that's bad, too - can't we care about both? Sometimes I go, 'You carry on all your good work for the fucking children in Syria, and I'll do this.' I love the fact that there's a hierarchy of things that you've got to care about!"

Gervais: "I tweeted 'I love humans - they're just not my favorite animal.' That was to annoy people. ... I'm not a maniac. Of course humans are my favorite animal. [pauses] But I've never met an animal who was a cunt."

Gervais: "Around [age] six, seven, eight I realized I could make people laugh. I'd make people laugh usually at authority, so my mum would be the butt of the joke or the teacher would be the butt of the joke."

Gervais: "I think there is no place for machismo or "cool" or posturing in comedy. I think as soon as you do try and be cool and rock 'n' roll, you sort of, for me, stop being funny. ... I can't laugh at someone I don't like."

Gervais: "I think I'm a very sweet, considered man who worries about people's feelings in real life, and I think I'm a performer. I go up there with a swagger, I take a deep breath, and I go, 'All right, losers - who wants a piece of this?' That's what I do. Do I like to annoy people? No, I don't really, unless they're friends and it's funny."

Gervais: "Everything Stephen Merchant and I have ever written was once improvised."

GQ Magazine: "An important part of the way [he thinks] about [himself] is that [he's] the outsider, the underdog."

Jason Bateman: "He is comedically brilliant. ... Everything he says makes me laugh."