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Rick and Morty Pathology Test

Does your bad side resemble a Rick and Morty character?

As is the case in many similar shows, most characters from Rick and Morty have comically exaggerated personality pathologies. This unique and “just-for-fun” personality test will assess to what extent you share the real-life variants of these personality pathologies.

To find out which character’s bad side you share the most, indicate your response to each of the statements below.

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The intensity of my anger is often out of proportion to the thing or event that caused me to become angry.



The IDRlabs Rick and Morty Test (IDR-RMPT) was developed by IDRlabs. The IDR-RMPT was developed by comparing the criteria for personality pathologies and other mental health conditions with the personalities of characters from the show Rick and Morty. The IDR-RMPT is not associated with the American Psychiatric Association, Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., any other affiliated persons or organizations. No infringement is intended by the present test.

Rick and Morty is a popular adult-oriented, animated science fiction comedy series broadcast on Cartoon Network’s late-night block, Adult Swim. It is also available on Netflix. The test on this page was developed by comparing descriptions of the main characters’ personalities and comparing these to various personality and other mental health pathologies as described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5).

By doing this, we propose that most of Rick and Morty’s main characters meet the criteria for at least one personality disorder or other mental health condition as described in the DSM-5. Some characters could possibly meet the criteria for multiple conditions, but we have strived to assign each character to the most obviously apparent diagnosis. It is our opinion that the Rick and Morty characters correspond to certain conditions in an unmistakable manner, in part because their pathologies are clearly exaggerated for comedic purposes.

As such, it must be noted that this test is “just for fun” and for educational purposes only. The real-life presentation of mental health and personality conditions will naturally be more subtle and less distinct than what can be seen in comedic shows such as Rick and Morty. Online quizzes and tests such as this one are just a first glance at the concept or typology being examined cannot offer completely accurate assessments of any mental health conditions. Any diagnoses can only be made after the informed and careful judgment of a certified clinician.

As the publishers of this free online Rick and Morty Pathology Test, which lets you find out which Rick and Morty character you most resemble in terms of personality pathology, we strive to make sure this test is as reliable and valid as possible by subjecting it to statistical controls and validation. The present test is provided wholly “as-is.” For more about our online tests, please see our Terms of Service.

Why Use This Test?

1. Free. This Rick and Morty Pathology Test is delivered to you at no cost and will enable you to find out which Rick and Morty character you most closely resemble in terms of their personality styles.

2. First of its kind. Although there are other Rick and Morty quizzes out there, this test is the first to compare the Rick and Morty characters to established mental health diagnoses, and subsequently determine the test taker’s degree of correspondence to these diagnoses.

3. Uses real test items. The present test consists of standardized personality pathology test items taken from a wide array of well-researched clinical instruments.

4. Statistical controls. Statistical analysis of the test is conducted to ensure maximum accuracy and validity of the test scores.

5. Made by professionals. The present test has been made with the input of people who work professionally with psychology and individual differences research.