Von Franz on Hitler’s type

In her book Psychotherapy the Jungian analyst Marie-Louise von Franz asserts that Hitler‘s repressed function is neither Feeling or Intuition, thus asserting that Hitler was either INJ, IFP, EFJ, or ENP.

Reference: Von Franz: Psychotherapy, p. 59-60 (Shambhala 1993)


  1. I don’t think he could have been and INTJ. He had such power and emotional influence when speaking. It is hard to imagine an INTJ with such an emotional speaking voice.

  2. INFJ confirmed.
    It’s super clear as you look at the testimony of his friends, and personnal life.

  3. How incredibly disrespectful could one be to a woman so much more dedicated, experienced, learned, and qualified on the topic at hand as to dismiss even that they are *replying* to much of anything at all, let alone an incredibly fascinating and compelling quote from one who would know, and in turn so hubristically assert their own shallow assertion, sans any supporting argument whatsoever? Now multiply that by five, with a partial pass for Nathan, who at least limply gestured in the direction of a supporting claim. Incredible.

  4. This is a great article — it goes into a level of depth not seen elsewhere on the website. More like this please! :)

    Maybe it could be a little shorter though? It drags on in the part about Mary Van Fritz’s opinions.

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