Typings in ‘Archetype and Character’

In the book ‘Archetype and Character,’ Jungian analyst V.W. Odajnyk identifies the types of Freud, Adler, Jung, Einstein, Jung’s wife (Emma Jung), and Hans Schmid-Guisan (with whom Jung corresponded on the matter of Psychological Types.)

It should be stated that Odajnyk’s book is generally not concerned with classical Jungian typology. However, in the passages from which we have extracted Odajnyk’s claims, the author makes it clear that he is talking about Jung’s typology and not his own typology, prefacing his statements with phrasings like “In terms of Jung’s typology…”

Odajnyk’s claims are detailed below:




  • INF type (p. 67)
  • Type with Te (pp. 66-68)
  • Type with Ti (p. 145)
  • N type (p. 146)
  • Early Life: ISF type with F dominance (p. 207)
  • Later Life: IST type with S dominance (p. 207)
  • ENF type with N dominance (p. 128)
  • ESF type with F dominance (p. 207)
  • Early Life: INT type with T dominance (p. 207)
  • Later Life: INT type with N dominance (p. 207)


Emma Jung

Hans Schmid-Guisan

  • NT type (p. 145-146)
  • SF-type (p. 160)
  • (Von Franz on Emma Jung’s type: Si-dominance [i.e. IS-J type])
  • E-F-type (p. 176)

On the basis of the material presented it seems hard not to conclude that Odajnyk is contradicting himself with regards to Freud’s and Adler’s types. On the other hand, Odajnyk does not believe that type is static through the course of life and so it is not a contradiction when he lists two different types for Jung and Freud on p. 207.

To give the full picture of Odajnyk’s thinking, it should be noted that Odajnyk states in a footnote that he doubts whether it is true that just because one’s dominant function is extroverted, one’s auxiliary function will then be necessarily introverted (and vice versa). Thus, given Odajnyk’s premises, his statements of Jung as an INT type with T dominance could, be taken to mean a [Ti-Ni-Se-Fe] type, just as Odajnyk’s statement of Jung as an INT type with N dominance could be taken to refer to a [Ni-Ti-Fe-Se] type.

V. Walter Odajnyk
Archetype and Character: Power, Eros, Spirit, and Matter Personality Types
Palgrave Macmillan 2012