Jung, Myers, Keirsey, etc. on Hitler’s Type

  • The Journal of Individual Differences Research identifies Hitler as an introvert.
  • Reinhold Hainish [personal friend of Hitler 1909-1912] identifies Hitler as an introvert.
  • August Kubizek [personal friend of Hitler 1908] identifies Hitler as having Histrionic traits.
  • Albert Speer identifies Hitler as having Histrionic traits.
  • David Keirsey Sr. identifies Hitler as ENFJ (Source: Please Understand Me I, Prometheus Books 1984, p. 202).
  • David Keirsey Jr. identifies Hitler as INFP (Source: Personal correspondence with Keirsey Jr. 2014).
  • Marie-Louise von Franz asserts that Hitler’s inferior function is neither Feeling nor Intuition (i.e. Hitler is INJ, IFP, EFJ, or ENP) (Source: Von Franz: Psychotherapy, Shambhala 1993, p. 59-60).
  • C.G. Jung did not speak about Hitler’s type in typological terms, but he described Hitler in a way that is reminiscent of his description of IN-J types in Psychological Types, leading at least one Jung scholar to infer that Jung identified Hitler as an N or Ni type. Jung also described Hitler as “shy and friendly,” again without speaking directly on the topic of Hitler’s type.
  • C.A. Meier [president of the C.G. Jung Institute] identifies Hitler as IN-J (Source).
  • John Beebe [Jungian analyst and MD] identifies Hitler as IS-J (Source).
  • CelebrityTypes Admin Team identifies Hitler as INFJ.


  1. “CelebrityTypes Admin Team identifies Hitler as INFJ.”

    Why would you guys decide to go with INFJ when not a single one of the sources suggested this type. Seems like this deserves more explanation.

  2. Hitler is the biggest Te user there ever was. Where is the Fe? Hitler is a drill sergeant/supervisor. You think an INFJ could run that operation?

    Hitler ruled the NSDAP autocratically by asserting the Führerprinzip (“Leader principle”). The principle relied on absolute obedience of all subordinates to their superiors; thus he viewed the government structure as a pyramid, with himself—the infallible leader—at the apex. Rank in the party was not determined by elections—positions were filled through appointment by those of higher rank, who demanded unquestioning obedience to the will of the leader.[335] Hitler’s leadership style was to give contradictory orders to his subordinates and to place them into positions where their duties and responsibilities overlapped with those of others, to have “the stronger one [do] the job”.[336] In this way, Hitler fostered distrust, competition, and infighting among his subordinates to consolidate and maximise his own power. His cabinet never met after 1938, and he discouraged his ministers from meeting independently.[3


    No-nonsense, efficient organizers with a flair for strategic optimization


    Holistic visionaries, oriented towards contemplation


    Tenacious visionaries, oriented towards action

    Which one least fits Hitler? It is obvious he is using Te.

    Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity and cowardice.

    Germany will either be a world power or will not be at all.

    I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as nature.

    It is always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge.

    Mankind has grown strong in eternal struggles and it will only perish through eternal peace.

    It is not truth that matters, but victory.

    NFJ? Fe? Not even a feeler. He is like Aristotle, Napoleon, Hobbes and Freud. Te.

  3. Either read some books on the matter, or write your own, since your version of H is very far from the academic consensus.

    Ian Kershaw: “[Hitler] frequently demonstrated diffidence and unease in dealings with individuals which contrasted diametrically with his self-confident mastery in exploiting the emotions of his listeners in the theatrical setting of a major speech.”

  4. Academic consensus on what?

    That again does not fit with INFJ. INFJ is a counselor type. They EXCEL in INDIVIDUAL relationships. Look at the quotes you guys have listed for ENTJ. Look at those quotes I gave you by Hitler. Power. Victory.

    You say in a Te dom description:

    “Repress their Introverted Feeling function, meaning they sometimes have difficulty putting themselves into another person’s shoes.”

    Hitler again. Compare Goethe and Jung quotes to Hitler. There is no comparison.

    You say in your INFJ description:

    “Natural counselors who take the time to understand others in depth and help them grow in an individualized way.”

    But you say that him being uneasy around individuals makes him INFJ. It isn’t consistent.

  5. Again, try reading some books by real historians about Hitler’s personality. He was no drill sergeant, as you say, but a diffident, empathic, and soft-spoken individual.

    Otto Strasser: “Hitler responds to the vibration of the human heart with the delicacy of a seismograph.”

  6. You give me one quote and appeal to “consensus”.

    Saying, “read some books” is not an argument. It is a cop out

    Your system is logically inconsistent.

  7. I falsify your argument. Also, you clearly haven’t even read the full page on Hitler before spouting your baseless certitude. It is not one quote; there are many others like it. You have offered no proof at all that Hitler was a ‘drill sergeant,’ as you put it. Can you name one biography on the matter that supports this view?

    Besides the quotes already offered on our site, which you did not find it expedient to consult, here is another from someone who spent years as Hitler’s personal valet, describing Hitler as the very antithesis of your argument, i.e. that he should be a Te type:

    “When in Hitler’s presence it was of great importance to anticipate his needs. This could not always be inferred from his instructions and orders. ‘Thinking aloud’ he would bring to light individual problems from all directions and make simple procedures into the most insoluble problems. He presented everything in so convoluted a manner that somebody unfamiliar with his methods would be unable to sort out what he was driving at. He would wander off the subject, talk about irrelevancies and confuse people who were following his explanations closely. Mostly he left it to his listener to put the right ‘weight’ on a thing and so understand what it was he had been talking about. The military, for example, used to terse and clear orders, had to endure a discourse of one or two hours and they would still be uncertain what he really wanted.” – Linge: With Hitler to the End (Skyhorse Publishing 2014) p. 75

  8. Ah, someone just got owned by the admin. Their team has evidently done rigorous amounts of research and analysis on the personalities before concluding on a type. Anyway, I am an INFJ so this especially interests me. Thank you for this :)

  9. You didn’t falsify anything. “Holistic visionaries oriented towards contemplation” is how you describe INFJ.

    Did you read Mein Kampf? Hitler was action oriented, not theory oriented. INFJ is one of the most cautious types.

    Jung’s Te dom description:

    “In accordance with his definition, we must picture a man whose constant aim in so far, of course, as he is a pure type is to bring his total life-activities into relation with intellectual conclusions, which in the last resort are always orientated by objective data, whether objective facts or generally valid ideas. This type of man gives, the deciding voice not merely for himself alone but also on behalf of his entourage either to the actual objective reality or to its objectively orientated, intellectual formula.

    By this formula are good and evil measured, and beauty and ugliness determined. All is right that corresponds with this formula ; all is wrong that contradicts it ; and everything that is neutral to it is purely accidental. Because this formula seems to correspond with the meaning of the world, it also becomes a world-law whose realization must be achieved at all times and seasons, both individually and collectively. Just as the extraverted thinking type subordinates himself to his formula, so, for its own good, must his entourage also obey it, since the man who refuses to obey is wrong he is resisting the world-law, and is, therefore, unreasonable, immoral, and without a conscience. His moral code forbids him to tolerate exceptions ; his ideal must, under all circumstances, be realized; for in his eyes it is the purest conceivable formulation of objective reality, and, therefore, must also be generally valid truth, quite indispensable for the salvation of man. This is not from any great love for his neighbour, but from a higher standpoint of justice and truth.”

    ^^That is Hitler.

    It is also Richard Dawkins. You really trying to tell me Dawkins is a Ti dom? Lol. The biggest extrovert there is. All truths come from outside and objective standards. You got Nietzsche wrong too. But you are selling an INTJ book with him on the cover, so it would be even more fruitless to argue that.

  10. Do you know what whataboutery is? Losing an original argument, one tries to kick up new faults to regain one’s dignity. Of course you know what whataboutery is – you just did it thrice.

    With Hitler, you didn’t respond to my argument. People (lots of people) who knew him personally described him as the antithesis of your hypothesis. Their characterization of him depicts a person whose cognition was characterized by vagueness, ambiguity, and idealism. A man characterized by “soft and touching emotions,” with no understanding of logistics or contingency plans what-so-ever. This is also the conclusion reached by the world’s leading Hitler historians. I asked you to name one major historian who supports your view; you couldn’t do it.

    Also, you still have not offered any argument beyond asking me if I’ve read Mein Kampf. It’s kind of a lazy style, relying on me to make your argument for you and then refute it. Well ok.

    It is true that Mein Kampf with its authoritative tone and aggression does resemble something that might have been written by a TJ type. However, MK was purposefully written for a certain purpose and to emulate a certain genre. The purpose: To gain a political platform and get Hitler out of debt. The genre: Unerudite Viennese beer-hall antisemitism, written to incense. Hitler had consumed lots of this material in his youth and now he tried to make such a tract of his own.

    MK is one piece of evidence, but obviously it is not the whole story. The majority of the evidence, from both before and after MK, point in another direction. Indeed, even MK itself starts out more personal before it gets on with the Jew-hating. Here Hitler actually describes and shows himself as someone with quite a depth of Feeling, and also as someone lost in his own thoughts and dreams (i.e. an Ni type, as most Jungians have concluded) and not at all “a man of reality,” as one might take as a blueprint for the Te type:

    “Now I was in the fair city for the second time, waiting with burning impatience, but also with confident self-assurance, for the result of my entrance examination. I was so convinced that I would be successful that when I received my rejection, it struck me as a bolt from the blue. Yet that is what happened. When I presented myself to the rector, requesting an explanation for my non-acceptance at the Academy’s school of painting, that gentleman assured me that the drawings I had submitted incontrovertibly showed my unfitness for painting, and that my ability obviously lay in the field of architecture; for me, he said, the Academy’s school of painting was out of the question, the place for me was the School of Architecture. It was incomprehensible to him that I had never attended an architectural school or received any other training in architecture. Downcast, I left von Hansen’s magnificent building on the Schillerplatz, for the first time in my young life at odds with myself. For what I had just heard about my abilities seemed like a lightning flash, suddenly revealing a conflict with which I had long been afflicted, although until then I had no clear conception of its why and wherefore.” – Mein Kampf I.II

    I don’t think your style of argument is conducive to the kind of activity that goes on on this site. We do accept arguments that go against our own position: https://www.idrlabs.com/articles/2015/02/why-woodrow-wilson-is-intj-part-2/ and try to respond to them in kind: https://www.idrlabs.com/articles/2015/02/why-woodrow-wilson-is-istj/

    Your style seems more centered around chest-banging and one-liners. If you want serious answers, making a little more effort will generally be helpful.

  11. He tries to strike back and managed to make himself look even more like the fool he is. Admin you truly deserve a standing ovation.

  12. Hitler and Dawkins, Te users? What the hell. Stop trying to distort the theory to make it compatible with your personal preferences.

  13. First off, it is unethical to type individuals as evil as Hitler. No type wants to claim someone responsible for the suffering of millions of people.

    But, since you MUST bring it up, and type these people,


    I think this is a helpful analysis of the functions gone toxic. I would definitely say I see more Te/Fi than Fe/Ti in the way the administrator describes Hitler.

  14. You should take a time machine back to these various originators of the theory we listed above and tell them how they shouldn’t have said anything about Hitler. ^^

  15. “When in Hitler’s presence it was of great importance to anticipate his needs. This could not always be inferred from his instructions and orders. ‘Thinking aloud’ he would bring to light individual problems from all directions and make simple procedures into the most insoluble problems. He presented everything in so convoluted a manner that somebody unfamiliar with his methods would be unable to sort out what he was driving at. He would wander off the subject, talk about irrelevancies and confuse people who were following his explanations closely. Mostly he left it to his listener to put the right ‘weight’ on a thing and so understand what it was he had been talking about. The military, for example, used to terse and clear orders, had to endure a discourse of one or two hours and they would still be uncertain what he really wanted.” – Linge: With Hitler to the End (Skyhorse Publishing 2014) p. 75

    Yeah…That doesn’t sound like an INFJ. At all. Could be ENFP, or something else. INFJs do not “think aloud”- that could be Ne or Te. Expecting the listener to figure out what he was talking about indicates lack of Fe. INFJs definitely want you to know what they are talking about; they are more likely to say nothing at all otherwise. He was well known for rambling and going on rants (could be Fi rants) when put under stress.

    I actually HAVE read books on Hitler (and Nazi Germany)- “Inside the Third Reich” by Albert Speer; “The Devils Disciples”, by Anthony Read; Hitler: Hubris and Hitler: Nemesis by Ian Kershaw (who puts great stress on the idea that regardless of Hitlers’ personal abilities, his charisma depended on external factors like reputation and propaganda- charismatic authority, Kershaw insists, derives from the consent and belief of those drawn in by it, not the other way round); Hitlers’ Private Library by Timothy Ryback; The Third Reich trilogy by Richard J. Evans; The Dictators by Richard Overy; Hitlers’ First War by Thomas Weber…Just to name a few. And I have a degree in History. Historians refer to him as an Introvert, but not in the Jungian sense of the word, of someone who gets their energy from being alone; they refer to him as an Introvert because he was private, socially awkward at times, and hard to REALLY get to know.

    I’m not really convinced that he is an INFJ. Speer reports him as living a very routined lifestyle always surrounded by an entourage- late to rise, late to bed, expected everyone to be waiting for him so they could go out hiking, eating at restaurants for lunch, hanging out with his cronies (usually 10 or 11 people), back to his place for dinner, up late for a movie or two and maybe occasionally talking about his architectural ambitions for Germany, and lots and lots of boring the Hell out of everyone with the same old personal stories he had told a thousand times before. Then he would go to bed early in the morning, and only THEN would everyone else be allowed to leave…and they would be expected to be back first thing the next say to repeat the monotony. As Speer himself noted, he did this instead of actually working, at least in the first few years of his leadership, which isn’t the mentality of an NJ. Definitely blind to how much he was boring everyone around him yet absolutely wanting their company- lack of Fe, and not the behaviour of an INJ, who need a LOT more alone time- they do not spend every single day of the week surrounded by people .

    Speer, Goebbels and others also report that Hitler had an amazing memory for technical detail, that he could and would instantly catch outing mistake in the reports, have them double checked, and be proved right, not to mention having little to no trouble memorising and reciting entire passages from Shakespeare and other authors. He also took his entourage on a tour of Paris based entirely on what he had memorised from books even though he had never visited the city- he never got lost, and visited everywhere he wanted to. INJs have notoriously terrible memories for detail

    Then he left and never returned again. He spent most of his life in Austria and Germany and rarely travelled nor had much desire to. His whole philosophy and fanatical devotion to Germany just reeks of Fi and Si; even fellow Nazi’s like Goebbels and Goring showed greater interest in other countries and cultures than Hitler himself did, even if they put Germany first, having broader artistic tastes and working to cultivate diplomatic relations and alliances with other nations and far-right parties across Europe. Hitler was rigidly dogmatic in his artistic tastes (even kicking in paintings he did to like in certain instances) and was uncertain in foreign policy (contrary to popular belief, the annexations of Austria and the Sudetenland were masterminded by Goring and Himmler, amongst others, and for economic more than ideological reasons in the final analysis; Hitler was actually very reluctant to act until he saw what he could get away with.

    “Mein Kampf”, for the record, should not be taken as a serious statement of intent or a grandiose master plan (it was probably a “get rich quick” scheme meant to capitalise on his infamy after the failed Beer Putsch, particularly since he needed to oay off his legal fees; there is certainly no reason to believe he expected to one day become Dictator of Germany when writing it), esp. since Hitler himself specifically denied that it was and regretted writing it because people kept pestering him over it; it is also filled with bad, BAD writing (again, suggesting he isn’t an INFJ, who are considered as generally very good writers) and many historians regard it as unreadable (save for one chapter on propaganda, which was just plagiarised). It is also filled with half-truths, omissions and outright lies about details such as his family and his war experiences (despite his claims to the contrary, he spent a good chunk of the war away from the front line, in regimental HQ, taking messages to and from their- and NOT from one part of the front to the other, as many historians have claimed).

    Basically if anyone was using that he was some sort of evidence of some sort of Ni visionary…it doesn’t hold up. We even know that the way events played out when he conquered other countries were more to do with economic pressures than anything else (as Kershaw, amongst others, points out), and given Speer and others have him frequently reference “my successor(s)” (as well as his morbid sense of his own mortality- he often spoke about suicide and how he wasn’t long for this world, and seemingly expected to die suddenly in his fifties like his father). He was also grossly out-of-touch with popular opinion, as he evidently expected the Germans to revolt at some point in the near future, and wanted his future citadel to be fortified against them.

    Basically…yeah, I’m not seeing too much Fe in this guy. Man was frequently insensitive and rude in private company, and seemed to have trouble understanding why people were upset at times (he once asked why Magda Goebbels was in tears; he was told it was because Joseph had been cheating on her; he laughed and said he understood- women were just too emotional), and he certainly wasn’t the sort of person who understood where others were coming from, assuming instead that life was “constant struggle” and often projecting his own beliefs and prejudices onto others, all indicating lack of Ni-Fe (even unhealthy Ni-Fe). His Fi rants are so infamous they are an internet meme (that one definitely wasn’t the only one). Rambling and going off-topic is more Ne than Ni. His ideas about an orderly Germany and his love of military discipline as well as his tendency to “think aloud” suggest Te over Ti.

    Really, I’m seeing lots of Te, Fi and Si and some indications of Ne. If he isn’t an ENTJ, he is likely an ENFP, INFP, ESTJ or ISTJ. INFJ seems rather improbable and I think his reputation as that has more to do with his propaganda image as a visionary megalomaniac rather than the reality of an opportunistic, scatter-brained scoundrel and fantasist.

    Just my opinion. INFJ just seems pretty unlikely, from everything I’ve read about him. And I’ve been reading about this guy for over a decade.

  16. 1: The point of that quote was not that Hitler thought out loud, in the sense of extroverts being energized while speaking to others; it was that he went on rants speaking “to the room” or to himself, as also corroborated by Speer and others.

    2: I don’t think anyone said you hadn’t read books on Hitler, unless you changed your name. And you’re not the only one with a degree in history.

    3: The Jungian sense of introversion is not “getting energy from being alone” as you say; that’s Myers. The Jungian sense is being preoccupied with one’s own subject before moving onto the object.

    4: The people who knew him also refer to him as introverted because he was preoccupied with his own fantasies, indeed would lose himself in them, and be out of touch with reality and where others were. Yet, when he wanted to be, he could be intensely charming and convincing. As also reported by Speer.

    5: In the Jungian approach, being a J type doesn’t factor into how hardworking one is. You seem to be closer to Keirsey and Myers than we are.

    6: You seem to be going through a checklist; e.g. Hitler was surrounded by people. Simultaneously, you yourself are saying that he wasn’t interacting with them, but actually lost in his own subject. This is also what Kershaw says: He wasn’t interacting with others, he was “alone” with them and would, incidentally, be “drained of energy” (Kershaw’s words) whenever he had had to interact with others.

    7: We agree about your argument for technical detail. He could recall the specifics of a tank or the technique behind how a skyscraper was built, even though he’d never seen either. This is a good argument for your case. On the other hand, those same reports tend to be accompanied by thoughts of how Hitler was completely out of touch with realities about troop movements, logistics, practicalities, etc. – he was a fantasist (as you also state), completely in tune with the objects of his imagination and which his fancy had latched on to, but out of touch with basic reality.

    8: I don’t see much of an argument in your paragraph about not having an interest in traveling and such. It’s fine to flesh out the history picture, but we wouldn’t say it pertained much to type.

    9: With Mein Kampf, you appear to be saying the same as we have already said earlier in this thread. I’m not sure how you can say that all INFJs are good writers; that seems to us much too broad. Insofar as Jung is accepted to be INFJ, he is generally agreed to be a terrible writer. Also, MK was dictated orally because Hitler was too indolent to write it himself. That accounts for the run-on sentences and so on. And in particular, we haven’t said that MK was evidence for “some sort of visionary” personality at all. But maybe you’re not talking to us.

    10: You seem to be implying that Fe must also be nice on the behavioral level. Hitler, certainly, could be nice, gentle, and charming when he wanted to be, but he was often quite insensitive at other times, as Jung, Schopenhauer etc. could also be – it’d be interesting to see whom you’d accept as INFJs under your own definition. Also, if you read Speer’s memoirs, he repeatedly does describe Hitler as someone who is sensitive to where people are coming from, especially when he needs to obtain something from them. Other eyewitness accounts have characterized Hitler similarly, I believe – as someone with great charm and sensitivity, when he was switched on to the situation.

    11: Also, from where do you get the assumption that INFJs can’t / don’t make use of projection? The chapter on Ni in Psychological Types says quite a lot about Ni’s proclivity for projection.

    12: If you read some of the material we have put up on our website, you can see that we’ve based a lot of our assessment on eyewitness accounts and historians who’ve made an explicit effort to get beyond the image from a distance.

    Anyway… If I were you, I’d study the matter to arrive at the type that you think he is and then try to argue that, referencing the books you’ve read. Prune the parts that don’t pertain to the overall argument and focus more on the functions as opposed to saying “all INFJs are like this,” “no INFJs are like that.” It’d be interesting to see what would emerge. :)

  17. Are we talking Myer, as in Isabel Myer? Why do you misspell the name on the main page, and the heading, then (oops! ) spell it correctly ( As Meier) in the quote? I mean, are we even talking about the same people? Originators of the theory…Isabel Myers, yes. C.A. Meier, nope. Somehow, I have a feeling you are perfectly ok with this deception, however, as long as you can be right, the truth doesn’t matter at all to you. You just want to “win”.

  18. Do some editing. Stop misleading people purposely on what is and is not true about an evil person. Take down Hitler from your site.

    And, no, C.A. Meier is not (generally) accepted as a leader in MBTI groups/circles. That’s why you purposely misspelled his name “Myers”.

    YOU are a DECEPTIVE INTJ. Your sole purpose with this website is to make your type (INTJ) look good, at the expense of other types.

    Like I said before, do some editing. As it is, I can have NO respect for you, and your calculations- and no one else should either.

  19. “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think”

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

    “Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong.”

    “The art of leadership… consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary, and taking care that nothing will split up that attention.”

    “The great masses of people will more easily fall victim to a big lie, than a small one”

    “The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category.”

    “The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”

    “Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life paradise.”

    ^This is strategy, it is Te based, not Fe based. Hitler was VERY deceptive and one hundred percent fine with being deceptive. That is not Fe.

  20. Wrong place, but I’ve taken all the tests on your site pertaining to identifying type, and all I seem to get is INFP/INFJ. On other sites, however, I generally get INTP. Now, I notice on Celebritytypes that a few of the INFJ portraits have footnotes saying “X typed Y as INTP.” These include, among others, possibly, Schopenhauer and Thomas Jefferson.

    Could you or someone on the team maybe write an article or develop a test contrasting INFJ/INTP, considering their similarities?

  21. Wow! All commies are fjs , all capitalists are tjs,…….
    Here can be found realy stupid people who realize too superficial MBTI! As for Hitler – I really don’t see him as E/INTJ! James – disgusted futilely trying to present Hitler as T-user, forgetting that INFJ intuition works almost the same as INTJ! If someone is feeler that doesn’t mean that he cant lead a people, country….

  22. Adolf Hitler was an ESP because he did stuff sometimes. Are you all like total stoopids or sammink? I hear he liked animals to, and that’s an Se trait.

    He was also artistic and painted a lot, and murdered people when they dissed his paintings (that’s what the WW2 was really about) – which is more Fi than Fe.

    So Hitler was ESFP!

  23. I don’t think his mustache was an Si type. If you read biographies about Hitler’s mustache you’ll see that he actually had a very physical, slapstick-style sense of humour (loved Chaplin), and a pure no-nonsense attitude — “Why on earth should I go right to the edge of the mouth, when I’m much happier her goddamn it! Go away and get on with your job!”

    So Hitler’s mustache was probably an ENTJ (TeNiFeFi) while Hitler was ESFP.

  24. The CelebrityTypes admins should really take all this into account, and give Hitler’s mustache a separate entry on the site. I see no reason why Barack and Michelle Obama should get separate entries when Hitler and his mustache don’t – it can ONLY be because of anti-German racism.

  25. NO body knows witch type the hitler was.Nobody know what he thought from his bottle of heart,but i always thought he as a intj because he have a good success durning the 1926 to 1942.

  26. Nah, The Hitler was an ESFP obviously. You can tell because he once looked up to the left four times in a minute on a David Letterman interview.

    Also, I’m an xSFP and I’m a giant success – honestly, from the bottle of my heart! :D The fact he was “successful” (if you want to call it that lol) has nothing to do with anything.

    But on another serious note, perhaps you’re right, and we never will know for sure witch type he was. :)

  27. Celebity Types admin:
    As Keirsey and son are probably the most widely respected authorities on Jungian typology, you should probably spend more time explaining why you think their typings of ENFJ and INFP are wrong rather than engaging in useless debates with pitiful idiots who want to paint Hitler as a T. In fact, they took the position that Hitler was Fe or Fi dominant and Ti or Te inferior, which makes a bit more sense to me than Se inferior.
    Also, are there any other cases where Keirsey Sr. and Jr. disagreed on someone’s type? At the very least it is highly unusual for them.

  28. SexyBack,

    Where do you get this idea that Keirsey and son are the most widely accepted authorities on Jungian typology? :)

    By my understanding, Keirsey developed very much his own view of typology which has absolutely nothing in common with Jung or his contemporaries. Jung centered his system on cognitive functions and introversion/extroversion, while Keirsey was about four-letter codes and his “four temperaments” (and said very little on functions — even though his type descriptions imply them). They’re not really talking about the same things at all.

    I’m probably wrong though. :)

    I haven’t done enough research on Hitler to have an opinion about his type, so I can’t really comment on that yet. :)

  29. Perhaps my wording was misleading: what I meant was that their typings of famous people and type descriptions are probably the most widely known. True, their typology doesn’t exactly resemble Jung’s original conception of the system. Regardless, I think the opinion of Keirsey and son should be considered before James, Jonathan (who admin implied was just James), and certainly before disgusted/Disgust. I just think that XXTJ is a ridiculous typing for Hitler as his behavior, motivations, and personality clearly show that he was an F not a T.

  30. SexyBack,

    Thanks for the explanation. :)

    I agree that Keirsey Sr was very good at typing people, and is widely considered an authority (and rightly so) for celebrity typings. However, Keirsey Jr doesn’t always agree with his father. Just look at the two typings Keirsey and Son gave for Adolf Hitler — ENFJ and INFP. They couldn’t be more opposite! :) So which of them would you like the admins to argue against?

    I don’t think the typing of Hitler as TJ is “ridiculous”. At worst it’s simply wrong haha. :) The posters you mention did give some arguments (even if they’re not very good) for why they believe he was a Te type, while you haven’t yet said why you think the idea of him being a T is ridiculous. :) It will be interesting to read your thoughts on that if you get the time to write them out. :)

  31. Adolf Hitler was not evil, he fought to free germany and europe from the jews controlling everything. what you and and everyone has been taught about Adolf Hitler and WW2 is the biggest atrocious historic lie that has ever occurred.
    The jewish holocaust is a sham, the pictures we have been shown of dying people in concentration camps are in fact GERMANS, yes that’s right. German Civilians and Soldiers who systematically were starved to death in concentration camps post ww2 conducted by General Dwight D Eisenhower who after this atrocious act became the president of USA. General George Patton from the US hated Dwight and was openly against the german slaughter performed by the allied even stating in letters to his wife “we fought the wrong enemy”, Patton died in a “carcrash” in 1945.
    Patton was murdered by the jews because he knew to much and was openly against what was happening.

    Have you heard about the Terror bombing of Dresden? I had never heard of it until I saw the documentary Hellstorm – The Real Genocide Of Nazi Germany The british RAF (Royal Air Force) and the US Air force systematically bombed german cities with no military occupation, just to kill as many german civilians as possible. I said Dresden because that city had the worst of the bombings, with around 300 000 civilians killed (maybe more maybe less), and you will find if you look up this information on wikipedia it will say the death count was 25 000-30 000, why? Well because jews control wikipedia and the media, the same way they control the history of ww2 (Think about this, history is always written by the victor, which means they can portray the war however it suits their agenda)

    I realise the things I say may sound very radical and insane to some of you, because 2 years ago I would’ve thought this was insanity, however the more I learn about the truth and the agenda behind everything that has happened since ww1 and is happening today, it all makes sense, because the world today doesn’t make any sense by the way it has been portrayed by our media and school system. Some of you will find it very difficult to take this information in, just try and find out the truth and build your own opinion and think for yourself.

    Adolf hitler was not trying to conquer the world and enslave everybody, he was trying to save the world from the new world order, and I believe he did indirectly, because when the world finds out the truth of Adolf and what happened during ww2 nationalism will spread and the people in every european country will rise and stand together and fight for the survival of our race. Nationalism is the natural way of living (being proud of your country, your race, and your heritage, everything that is you and your people), we have been taught to live unaturally for 70 years. The next world war is the beginning of a free europe and a free world, that is what I believe.

    For references:
    Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told

    Documentary Hellstorm – The Real Genocide Of Nazi Germany


  32. Dresden and other cities were bombed in ways and with intentions that we would consider terrorist acts and/or war crimes today. Key Allied archives remain off-limits to historians, probably for a reason. It was the RAF that switched the air war from military bombing to purposefully targeting civilians, not the Luftwaffe. Hitler did not plan to take over the world either, he planned to take over Greater Germany, Russia, and Eastern Europe. Some Wikipedia pages are indeed under the control of “inside mobs” with an agenda, though I’ve never seen any evidence to suggest that there is some overall coordination between these insiders. The Thatcher page is locked down by Thatcherites, the Che Guevara page is locked down by communists.

    The Holocaust did happen, though. Hitler himself said he would do so – in Mein Kampf and in the German parliament in 1941. Ethnic Germans with a record of military service would come forward towards the end of their lives to confess and corroborate their role in what happened – often against the wishes of their families. The Goebbels diaries, a 7000-page document detailing where Goebbels was on almost every single day of the war, mention the plan to exterminate the Jews. Other details in the diaries were unverifiable until other archives were found – sometimes by accident – many years after the war. Government data from several European states in the period estimated the number of Jews in continental Europe to be about 11 million. After the war, some 6 million of these were missing. Where did they all go?

  33. Lefflan,

    I have to agree with the admin’s post. The sources you state (both the “timeline” and the “documentary”) are very biased, poorly researched (or intentionally lying) and made to support a racist, white-supremacist agenda.

    Real historians are all pretty much in agreement on the matter, as far as Jewish deaths during the Holocaust are concerned — the alternative makes no sense. The following links give good responses to the basic Holocaust Denial arguments…

    And anyway, Hitler’s morality is irrelevant to the discussion, and your post is I think probably going to take this off-track… This is about typing Hitler, so what type do you think he was? :)

  34. Think he was INFJ. The personality type does not make a person good/evil Hitler was imbalanced and had other mental health issues. A lot of the personal descriptions fit someone I know who is INFJ. He seems sheepish at times, but a lion emerges on matters he feels strongly about.

  35. Hi admin, I have been studying Jungian Typology for quite some time now, but no matter how much i read, i cannot seem to understand how a system so subjective, which embraces no systematic algorithm to type a person can be called scientific. The more i seem to read about typology, the greater the subtle overlaps between personalities.In fact, i am even confused on what my own type is. Please enlighten.

  36. When I was typed as INFJ, ironically, one of the first thoughts that went through my mind in reading about the type was, “I wonder if Adolf Hitler was not also INFJ”. So I’m not the least bit surprised to see that he is typed as such.

    Because Hitler is a controversial figure, loved by some and despised by others, it is also not surprising to read the lively arguments here of people who would want to disassociate themselves (and others) from him. Some go so far as to write that Hitler should not be typed at all, that he was somehow specially “evil” or “ill” but I don’t believe this to have been the case.

    Adolf Hitler ended up in a position to realize his ideals, or to try to do this anyway, and to right sore historical wrongs by dedicating himself to helping the German people who had, by any objective appraisal, been placed in a victim position. As an INFJ, I can totally relate to this. He himself was no brilliant military tactical planner; he was an idealist visionary trying to right a wrong. But so many people find this so offensive that they dismiss it out of hand and all objectivity gets thrown out the window. Often their knowledge of European history is courtesy of Warner Brothers.

    Indeed, if Adolf Hitler had NOT been an INFJ, we would probably never have heard of him and wouldn’t be writing about him at all.

    The point has been made too, and I think it is significant, that any serious consideration of Adolf Hitler’s personality must be based on real-life experience of people close to him, and not on some Hollywood characterizations of a lunatic “drill-sergeant”. These characterizations fulfill a political, propaganda purpose, but they have no real basis.

    My understanding, and I can personally relate to it fully, is that INFJ may take a leadership position reluctantly in order to realize a passionately-held ideal with much enthusiasm, using even very strong oration in support of it, requiring frequent contemplative periods of solitude to recharge (Eagle’s Nest)

    Worthwhile consideration of Adolf Hitler’s personality must be objective and not political.

  37. I’m an INFJ who admittedly badly desires the affirmation that Uncle Adolf is indeed one also. A few years ago I would have been the opposite, right there with the nay-sayers. It’s safe to say I’ve been red-pilled on the JQ. Reading the description of how he would talk by “thinking out loud” and expecting others to draw the right conclusions is me to the flippin’ tee. I can see how it could be interpreted as something else though.

    As for the drill-sergent/military mind, etc. Hitler was known for giving vague or very little specific orders, rather he would give very big-picture general ones and let his subordinates worry about the details. This is why, to the extent there was a Holocaust, there is no evidence that Hitler ordered the systematic extermination of the Jews, nor was even one single document ever found from German high command doing so, and believe me, the German’s were very good record keepers. (INB4 durr they burned them!!!) Indeed, hundreds of thousands of Jews and others were interned in camps as political prisoners and died from everything from dysentary and malnutrition, to drowning in the Auschwitz swimming pool (not joking, for those of you unfamiliar). And yes, they could be and were shot at any time, for any reason, and some Nazi officers may have interpreted Hitler’s wishes to be extermination of all Jews as he hated them so much, as did any German experiencing what the German people had or learning it from the propaganda. Gassings may have taken place, but not on any kind of scale like the general narrative would have you think as it’s a logistical impossibility for more reasons then this INFJ cares to state.

    Remember, the camps were liberated by the Russians not the Americans, although I frankly wouldn’t put it past them to put their spin on it either had they been the ones to do so.

    Take heart, INFJs, being the same type as Adolf Hitler wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I for one, have a monkier for him I use frequently that I think describes him so succinctly:

    “The most actualized man who ever lived.”

  38. As an INFJ, I believe that there is nothing inconsistent with Hitler characterized as INFJ. Though INFJ could be said as “pure hearted”, remember they are also prone to paradoxical action.

    For example, “Because of I love her very deeply, but I cannot marry her because of religion reason, my initiative is to dump her. ” .

    as in this world, there exist a lot of personality types, One personality type might value friendship very deeply but other personality types might not. Because one value friendship very deeply and aware that other might not feel the same, one never start a friendship and put out a cold personality. Not because one is a bad person, but because one does not want to feel hurts. the paradox of having very deep feeling of friendship in this context.

    and that is why I think it is plausible for Hitler to be characterized as an INFJ. His outer action is masking his inner hurts.,i think.

  39. Have you read the most recent biography by Volker Ullrich (came out in the last 5 years, I believe)?

    If you haven’t, it corrects a lot of assumptions about Hitler and calls his status as an introvert into doubt. The author does call Hitler an introvert in Chapter 13 of the book (which is on his personality) but what he describes is that Hitler was called that by historians and contemporaries because he was private and hard to get to know, not because he preferred to be alone. In fact, that very same chapter explicitly says that Hitler HATED to be alone and surrounded himself with people, often large groups of people, as often as possible, though the author thinks this is in part because whenever he was alone his thoughts turned bleak.

    The book also claims in earlier chapters that Hitler was often in company even when historians thought or claimed that he wasn’t- for instance, he is often said to have first joined the Nazi (then German Workers) party by himself after investigating them for the military, but in reality he already had a gang of followers from a political course he was taking as part of his job and they all went their together voluntarily- meaning, he had a large group of friends and he enjoyed being their leader.

    It is also claimed that when he lived in a hostel in Vienna he spent a lot of time reading or writing but he almost never did so while in his own room, instead always going down to the public area so he could be near noise and people. Also as leader of the Nazi party he managed to annoy Joseph Goebbels because on many occasions when he was supposed to be making a speech or attending a meeting he was spending time in cafe with a group of bohemian cronies.

    All this is supported by earlier primary sources, such as the diaries of Goebbels or the autobiography of Albert Speer. Hitler is secretive and difficult and he keeps many things to himself, but he is almost always in company and frequently very large company at that- all in all he definitely did not have a preference for introversion.

    I could buy him as an ENFJ (and looking at different models and descriptions I now think that’s actually his most likely type) but INFJ is just wrong. In an everyday sense, his Fe, his need for people and his ability to influence / manipulate them, is more noticeable and used than his Ni, and there is very little evidence that he is truly an introvert in the Jungian sense of getting energy from alone time- in fact, multiple sources describe the opposite: that Hitler became energised from making speeches and being around people.

  40. Props for citing an actual biography. I have read some of Ullrich and the parts I read didn’t contradict my impression from other sources on this point.

    However, the “problem” with your argument is that you’re using a definition of introversion that’s somewhere between popular Myers-Briggs (energy alone vs. with others) and Keirsey (behavior). What you call “truly an introvert in the Jungian sense” is not in the Jungian sense at all. That would be having a cognitive disposition to favor subjective elements over objective ones. As an aside, we are well aware that Goebbels spent far more time reading and writing by himself than Hitler. Yet by these same criteria, that doesn’t make him an introvert.

    I also think you are skirting around the sources a bit in your last paragraph. From what I’ve read, Hitler became energized from talking at trusted intimates for hours, actually boring them most of the time, because he favored a style characterized by very little interaction or cognizance of them. Unlike Goebbels, too, the great showpiece speeches were reported to leave Hitler drained and slinking off to the side afterwards, avoiding the audience, whereas Goebbels could do them day after day and meet with the audience afterwards. He appeared more energized from it; Hitler more drained. So even by the Keirsey/MBTI argument, I’m not so sure Hitler was an Extrovert. Keirsey Sr. seemed to think so, though, and his assessments are generally pretty good, so you have that going for you.

    If we agree on the standard model of functions, perhaps the strongest argument for our assessment of Hitler as INFJ is the concurrent reports by almost everyone who knew him, from his adolescence to the very end, that Hitler had an extremely poor grasp of factual reality and only understood things as ideas, images, and archetypes.

  41. I think it’s very important when discussing Hitler’s type to distinguish between the three aspects of his personality – his public persona, his inner soul, and his mustache.

    It’s pretty clear his mustache was ESFP or ISFP (just look at the number of artistic works and poetry attributed to it) and his public persona was ESFJ. His inner soul seems to have been INTJ though actually – as can be clearly illustrated by taking a close examination of his cheese preferences (always FiTe style cheeses, never TiFe style cheeses).

  42. Every ISFP thinks they are INFP. You aren’t taking this conversation seriously, Mr Scoop!

  43. MBTI is a pseudo-science made for INTJs to find more excuses to debate for intellectual superiority.
    Hitler is an INFJ, I agree. But using the fact that he was only semblance of an authoritarian leader is a really awful blanket term to defunct any proper criticisms against it.

    By labeling, you’re negating.

    There is copious amounts of his personality to debate upon from his public appearances. By silencing the ability to debate his public apprehension, we end up negligent to all public comments. Imploding the purpose of estimating personalities in its entirety.

  44. I believe INFJ does suit hitler, and not im not saying he’s a counselor. I = Introverted It seems Hitler always kept to himself and according to Quora Hitler had only two female friends and his dog, so he was very closed off. N = Intuitive came to his battle strategy most of the time he did know what to do his battles against France, England, and Including to avoid the U.S.A because of their power. The Only time he messed up was in Russia and it was due to his Feelings which comes next. F = Feeling Hitler invaded Stalingrad just in order to get Stalin’s name. As well according to Historians he suffered from many personality disorders that affected his decisions due to Disorder. J = Judging is because he stucked with the same ideology for a long time and made it worse through sticking with that ideology. Perceivers change their ideologies often due to the patterns they see and Hitler saw those patterns but did comply with them. That’s why he’s a INFJ.

  45. Hey, I sent an email recently regarding a potential INFJ dictator (not Hitler) that I would find interesting to read your your assessment/thoughts on, although I think I used the wrong email address. What exactly is the website’s email address? Thanks.

  46. INFJ makes good sense to me. Hitler was a flippant idealist who had only a vague notion of principles that he stuck to fervently with unrelenting resolve. He was principally stuck in his Ni and all was subservient to his vision with, of course, his Fe being in auxiliary support role.
    I do find it interesting how, on a site previously noted on the Toxicity of the functions, it describes a toxic Ni user thus:
    Slow to respond, easily disturbed, blunt, over processes information, over categorizes and dissects emotional flexibility(robotic), Cold contemplation, Harshly objective, truth saved for convenient self-serving moments, calculative, waits for built up reasons to put someone on a ‘lower level’ than themselves, Over looking smaller literal things that are important, ranting just for the sake of ranting, pretentious, arrogant, completely emotionally abandon someone suddenly.”
    While obviously that’s no ‘confirmation’, this is mostly characteristic of Hitler. ESPECIALLY the ranting for the sake of ranting. Hitler would save face often when it came to situations that he would deem awkward by taking center stage and ranting almost invariably on his idealist notions of Nazism. He hardly commanded in any sort of direct way. The system in many ways was an emulation of what others thought Hitler wanted. I forget the exact term used in the biography I’m reading, but much of the Nazi system was not so much direct command and logistical thinking in part by Hitler (hardly), but it was those working towards and for the Ideal that Hitler and his ideology represented, from a bottom-up, as well as top-to-bottom level. Certainly not a Te user.
    He was a classic Type 6 in Enneagram terms, which fleshes out his character for me.
    “A bundle of contradictions, you can be wary and cautious one minute and/or rebellious and courageous the next. You possess an endearing childlike reactivity and often take the position of the devil’s advocate. Depending on the situation, you can be friendly and outgoing or reserved and skeptical. A ‘good soldier’, you prefer the role of buddy, loyal family member or trusted employee. You can be a reluctant authority because you fear that taking on a leadership position might make you a target for opposition. You are attracted to people who are strong, protective and/or have prestige. You seek trusted, reliable authorities and allies.”
    It’s funny. If someone had only a cursory view of Hitler, you may think “what? A reluctance for leadership due to being a target of opposition?” Yet Hitler surrounded himself with only those whom would and could agree with him – blocking out all and every possible assenting view and putting his own person in a protective ideological bubble.
    I agree with the INFJ assessment. It makes good sense to me.
    – A random INTP

  47. Plus, in his “battle strategies”, hitler wasn’t so good with logical tactics, and would often ignore his generals completely, like during the battle of britain (or the “Blitz”), he (unless it was someone else) had their airforce target civilians to demolish morale, instead of the more logical and important objective of targeting things like radars, AA guns, or airfields. I think this points to Fe in my opinion.

  48. As a self-identified INFJ, I can say that I’m not always polite. I make an honest try to be nice, but it’s not always the first or dominant inclination. All I have to do to be a jerk is convince myself that I’m justified in a sense that I’m right or correct as I see it. Also the Te vs Fe argument above probably spawned because someone bought into Hitler’s hype without looking at Hitler himself. Just because he made a point of projecting a powerful self-image doesn’t mean he was actually, personally aggressive.

  49. Actually that’s probably a bad way of putting it, and might be the basis of the misunderstanding. Te is not necessarily aggressive and Fe is not necessary peaceful. They’re just different ways of approaching a task. Hitler approached things psychologically, he used his Fe to feel out and manipulate others to a desired effect. “Some intimates believed the Führer displayed anger for effect. If so, his outbursts that afternoon had surely placed his opponent on the defensive. Chamberlain was already writing him a conciliatory letter.” – Adolf Hitler by John Tolland, page 480.

  50. I believe everybody should be typed. The comment above about how evil individuals shouldn’t be typed outraged me! Nobody’s making infj-s identify with Hitler on force. Read about Christopher Hitchens. “Fanatics will find a provocation somewhere”.

    Stop being spoiled.

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