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Male Hierarchy Test

The typology of male social hierarchies has become part of internet culture and is a categorization system that sorts heterosexual men into archetypes. The system has variously been called a piece of modern mythology, pseudoscience, and a great heuristic for navigating social relationships.

Where in the male social hierarchy would you be? For each of the following statements, indicate how well it applies to you below.

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I enjoy all sorts of competitions and always go for the win.



The Male Hierarchy Test was developed by IDRlabs on the basis of a theory that has become popular with youth culture online. While popular, the typology makes use of stereotypes or archetypes and may not be suitable for all audiences. The information is provided for educational purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement of statements, comments, or ideas that go against our community guidelines. Furthermore, be advised that not all of the archetypes in this system are flattering.

The test provides feedback such as the following: Sigma males are the lone wolves of the masculine social hierarchy. They are the men who have chosen to live outside the hierarchy. Indeed, sigmas often turn their backs on many of the norms society expects of them. They forfeit the benefits of hierarchy in exchange for the freedom that comes from pursuing their individual destiny. Sigmas can be hard to cooperate with, and, for this reason, alphas generally don’t trust them. Bravos sense that sigma males – while competent – will not be good leaders and therefore ignore them. On the other hand, women often find the self-determination and aloofness of sigmas attractive, so sigmas are usually well-liked among the opposite sex. Sigmas are often romanticized in internet culture. However, opting out of the social order is often a high-risk play that is not guaranteed to go well. There is no denying, however, that when a sigma does manage to be successful, his lifestyle tends to command a certain glamor and mystique. Sigma benefits: Freedom from social obligations. Sigma drawbacks: Loneliness, no support network if things fail.

Bravo males are the lieutenants of the masculine social hierarchy. (Contrary to popular belief, bravos are not at the bottom of the hierarchy but are, in fact, near the top.) They are usually found in close proximity to the alpha, where they act as his trusted advisors and perform essential roles in the hierarchy. Bravos are loyal and competent staff officers to the alpha and, in exchange, get to enjoy many of the benefits of high social status. They are usually well-liked by women and enjoy the privileges of rank while avoiding the intense burdens of responsibilities the alpha has to bear. Because they do not have to constantly fight for their position the way alphas do, bravos can also afford to be a bit friendlier with people. Bravos get many of the benefits of the alpha lifestyle while avoiding the downsides. Bravos are crucial to stable hierarchies as they enforce and coordinate the alpha’s vision to maintain order and structure. Bravo benefits: Power, high status. Bravo drawbacks: Their power and status are dependent on their relationship with the alpha.

The authors of this free online Male Hierarchy quiz are certified in the use of various personality tests and have worked professionally with psychology and personality typology. Before using our online test, be advised that this typology is a theory and not a piece of peer-reviewed science. The results of the quiz are provided “as-is,” meaning they should not be understood as the equivalent of a professional assessment or recommendation of any kind. For more on our free online Male Hierarchy Test, please refer to our Terms of Service.

Why Use This Test?

1. Free. This male social hierarchy test is provided to you free of charge and will allow you to obtain your scores as related to the six postulated archetypes of that system.

2. Based on real psychometric items. Though the theory of male social archetypes has not (so far) been tested empirically, this test attempts to do so using genuine psychometric items.

3. Statistical controls. Test scores are logged into an anonymized database. Statistical analysis of the test is performed to ensure maximum validity and accuracy of the results.