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Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch Quotes

Quotes by and about Benedict Cumberbatch

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Cumberbatch: "Sometimes as an actor you're looking for the infinite. If you can hold that, if you can remember that in the chaos, [it will] anchor you and give you grace and ease."

Cumberbatch: "I'm never happier than when I'm staring at the sea. The absorption into a moment, lost in meditative focus looking at that point where the horizon meets the sea. ... I love being off the grid and just having the primal experiences that we're all entitled to as humans on this Earth - whether it's love of someone dear to us, children, nature. ... It's hugely important to nourish what it is in us that's human."

Cumberbatch: "When you start getting jobs, and see your mates from drama school, you don't really want to talk about it, because you have this innate sense of guilt that it's not fair that others aren't doing exactly what you're doing. ... I do have that."

Cumberbatch: "I always like going back to Shakespeare. I really do. Even as a punter. It's such an enriching vein of our culture to tap into. The more you scratch at it, the more you realize he is so brilliant in how multifaceted the language is. There's just so many choices to make as an actor. It's a bit like puzzles, there's certain things to crack open. It's all about facilitating a really, really rich understanding of the characters and situations."

GQ Magazine: "He's unfailingly polite."

GQ Magazine: "[He has an] incredible sensitivity to the world."

Steve McQueen: "There's a dignity to him, a correctness."

New York Magazine: "[He] won't join Twitter because he's too verbose for 140 characters."

Stephen Galloway: "Cumberbatch speaks of being drawn to the 'transcendent' and calls himself a Buddhist (at least 'philosophically')."

Stephen Galloway: "He professes a deep admiration for Stanley Kubrick, the subject of a dissertation he wrote at university about 'how within a diverse subject matter his worldview is still very unified.'"

Stephen Galloway: "He has a fondness for music, particularly Icelandic band Sigur Ros: 'It transports me. It gives me a mental landscape that is very inspiring. It gives me a space in my head where I can imagine great emotion and depth.'"

Keira Knightley: "There have been moments in our friendship when I have been going through tough times and he has been right there, taking me out to dinner, coming round to the house, being the one who listened. I appreciate that hugely."