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Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle Quotes

Quotes by and about Dave Chappelle

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Chappelle: "[Being around people] is probably my natural disposition."

Chappelle: "I was always a pack animal. I'd like to be a lone wolf, but I'm just not."

Chappelle: "I never liked school, from the first day. I just walked in there and said, 'I hate this place. I hate its guts.'"

Chappelle: "I have a pretty dope selfie gallery. Kanye, Kim, Jay and Beyonce. Jessica Alba. There's a great picture from Radio City of me, Chris Rock, and Aziz. Selfies are my shit. I love taking selfies. Rob Ford."

[On parenting:]
Chappelle: "I view myself more like a guide than a ruler. Their mother's the ruler."

[On why he walked away from fame:]
Chappelle: "I was in this very successful place, but the emotional content of it didn't feel anything like what I imagined success should feel like. It just didn't feel right."

Chappelle: "I like to live a more open life. I don't like to have to protect myself from people; I don't want my life to become about enforcing boundaries."

Chappelle: "I don't judge people or not like people for thinking [I crossed lines I shouldn't be crossing]. People that I love tell me I go too far sometimes. Maybe I went too far, but ... the only way you know what a line is is to cross it."

Chappelle: "Maybe Robin Williams was one of those people who, even though everyone loved him, the praise just didn't penetrate."

Chappelle: "[Women get] too much advice about men from other women. And they don't know what the fuck they're talkin' about. I see [the magazines] in the grocery store, says on the cover '100 Ways to Please Your Man' by some lady. Come on, man. Ain't no 100 ways. That list is four things long. Just suck his dick, play with his balls, fix him a sandwich, and don't talk so much and he'll be happy!"

GQ Magazine: "[He enjoys] pulling pranks on a roomful of strangers in a fancy hotel."