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Jay-Z Quotes

Quotes by and about Jay-Z

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Jay-Z: "I'm not really the type of person who can sit and talk about how they feel. I'm bad at that. ... [I] hold a lot in."

Jay-Z: "For me making music is like therapy. It gives me a chance to express my emotions."

Jay-Z: "You know who [I'd like to collaborate with]? Jack White. He can do it all; he's a renaissance man."

Jay-Z: "I think [Barack Obama] is the best representation of America in 2009. He is the only president we could have right now at this particular time. With the direction we were going as a people and the way we were being perceived around the world, we needed him. The moment he got it it felt like that perception of America changed. It felt like we had a World president. Just look around and places like London and Paris were cheering. It needed to happen and it did."

[Asked if he would ever go into politics:]
Jay-Z: "No! But people ask me that all the time. ... Politics is too much about the perception of perfection. ... You can't say anything inappropriate or people will be calling for your job. I just think that's impossible to attain. ... In eight years, I may say something inappropriate. Actually, not just one thing - a ton of things. So no, I don't see me going into politics."

Pharrell Williams: "There's no mistaking that Jay-Z is a very different individual. When he walks in the room, you know that there is an interesting entity, spirit, in the room - like, a different guy. ... Even his process for making music - he's different. The guy stands there and mumbles to himself for about maybe 15 minutes for a verse, never writes it down, goes in the booth, boom, walks out. ... That's not normal."

Jon Stewart: "[He is] just a fascinating artist to ... talk to."

Barack Obama: "Every time I talk to Jay-Z ... I enjoy how he thinks."