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Ron Paul

Ron Paul Quotes

Quotes by and about Ron Paul

(Continued from his main entry on the site.)

Paul: "[The] inconsistencies [of political opponents] must be used against them to trip them up."

Paul: "My introduction to Austrian economics came when I was studying medicine ... and came across ... Hayek [and] Mises. Although the works were magnificent, and clarified many issues for me, it was more of a revelation to find intellectuals who could confirm what I 'already knew' - that the free market is superior to a centrally planned economy."

The Economist: "Ron Paul ... likes to say what he thinks. ... Even those who question his [views] can appreciate his candor."

Sean Donovan: "He doesn't pander to his audience."

The Baltimore Sun: "His search for the plain truth of things motivated him to bravely stand in opposition to several of the traditional policies and practices."

New York Times: "To Mr. Paul, his candidacy is just another step in a lifelong quest 'to find the plain truth of things.'"

New York Times: "[To this day] he also continues to maintain his medical license, for the same apocalyptic reason that he urges young people to learn a trade. 'That is the ultimate protection,' he said, even safer than stockpiling gold. 'Even if you have to live in a totalitarian society, somebody's going to want your skills.'"

Ann Coulter: "Ron Paul is very smart, so I don't want to talk to him too long for fear that he will convince me."