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Our work has been featured and endorsed in multiple publications. Read what they had to say.

Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie Novelist

I came out ENFP [on the test], then found myself listed as a 'famous ENFP'. ... How did they know?

Steven Pinker

Steven Pinker Harvard professor of psychology

I've enjoyed your site.

Richard Noll

Richard Noll Associate professor of psychology and Jung scholar

Your work on Jung is critical and well-researched. You are doing interesting work on your website.

Cas Mudde

Cas Mudde Associate Professor of Political Science

Some [of the questions on their Feminism Test] are quite thought-provoking.

Soren Hviid Pedersen

Soren Hviid Pedersen Associate Professor of Political Science

[Their Political Coordinates test] seems to me to be quite good. The questions are insightful and cover both dimensions well.

American Psycho. Assoc.

Examples of online studies offering enjoyable feedback include [their] Big Five Test.

We're really impressed with your website.

We like the lists you have ... absolutely well thought out. ... You have done a stand up job with the process and the content is solid.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology:

It was very fun [to take the Jung test and] to recognize yourself in so many elements, almost all in fact.

The questions and results [on their Freud test] illustrate Freud's ideas and may spark class discussion.

The distinct psychological characteristics defined in Jungian typology ... have been applied ... by the team at the highly entertaining website IDR Labs.

[In our research we made use of IDR Labs'] publicly published research dataset. ... This was one of the most authentic reserves we found. ... Extensive [analyses of] cognitive functions have been used [by them] to derive the psychology of the given personalities.

University of Brunei Darussalam:

Personality tests like [their Jung test] can help you take that first step towards understanding yourself better.

Journal of ACM Transactions on Computing Education:

Once the cognitive style of each student was determined, information about famous people with the same style was also provided [via]. Students seemed to enjoy this process, as ... depicted by their reactions.

Cologne Democracy Festival:

[Their Political Coordinates Test is] objectively oriented and scientific. Exciting results await, we were ... quite surprised!

Castelo Branco University

[Their Political Coordinates test is] interesting to take, and entertaining as well!

Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos Journalist and provocateur

[I got 93% Traditionalism on the Feminism Test, but] I'm not sure about some of those categories at the end. 'Radical,' 'cultural' and 'Marxist' [feminism] seem to be different descriptions of the same system of feminism to me.

Daniel J. Mitchell

Daniel J. Mitchell Author and Ph.D. in economics

[Their Left / Right Lifestyle Test captures] something important. There is research indicating that people’s policy views are largely determined by underlying values.

Isabel Briggs Myers Memorial Library
Social Democratic Party of Germany
National Conservative Party of Italy
Danube University Krems
University of San Carlos Guatemala
Socialist Party of France
University of Guadalajara
Green Liberal Party of Switzerland
Maynooth University
Industrial University of Santander
university of birmingham
Plymouth State University
Foundation for Economic Education
National University of Columbia
The Blaze
Fox News Channel
The Daily Wire
Harvard Business Review
Tools for Racial Justice
Duke University