Jung, Keirsey, etc. on Adler’s type

  • Jung identifies Adler as both introverted and extroverted.
  • Keirsey & son identify Adler as NT.
  • Freud identifies Adler as having Paranoid traits.
  • Jung identifies Adler as having Schizophrenic traits.
  • V.W. Odajnyk (author of ‘Archetype and Character‘) identifies Adler as ENFP* and as having Manic-Depressive traits.
  • Walter Kaufmann (author of ‘Discovering the Mind’) identifies Adler as an extrovert and as as having Paranoid traits.
  • Derry Macdiarmid (author of ‘Century of Insight – the 20th Century Enlightenment of the Mind’) identifies Adler as an extrovert
  • CelebrityTypes admin team identifies Adler as ENFJ.

* Though Odajnyk seems to say in his book that Adler was both ENFP and ESFJ, this is actually an error in the editing process surrounding the publication of the book. Odajnyk’s true assessment of Adler is as we have listed above: As an ENF type with N dominance. Our source is personal correspondence with Odajnyk.