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Gender Coordinates Test

Based on the work of Heilman and Peus

Researchers H. Heilman, Ph.D. and C. Peus, Ph.D. used a multidimensional framework to assess how people view men and women respectively. Their research results found that men and women consistently ascribe the same characteristics to each gender.

What are your gender coordinates? For each of the following characteristics, indicate how strongly it applies to you below.

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The IDRlabs Gender Coordinates Test (IDR-GCT) was developed by IDRlabs. The IDR-GCT is based on the work of Dr. Hentschel, Dr. Heilman, and Dr. Peus who authored the paper on multidimensional gender identities, and takes a current look at men’s and women’s characterizations of others and themselves. The IDR-GCT is not associated with any specific researchers in the field of social psychology or any affiliated research institutions.

The IDRlabs Gender Coordinates Test was informed by the following studies: Donnelly & Twenge (2016): Masculine and Feminine Traits on the Bem Sex-Role Inventory, 1993–2012: a Cross-Temporal Meta-Analysis. Sex Roles. Hentschel, T., Heilman, M. E., & Peus, C. V. (2019). The multiple dimensions of gender stereotypes: A current look at men's and women's characterizations of others and themselves. Frontiers in Psychology, 10(JAN), [11]. Robinson, Shaver & Wrightsman (2013): Measures of Personality and Social Psychological Attitudes: Measures of Social Psychological Attitudes. Academic Press.

The multidimensional framework to assess gender stereotypes, which was utilized by Dr. Hentschel, Dr. Heilman, and Dr. Peus, has also informed the IDR-GCT. The present test is intended for educational purposes only. IDRlabs and the present IDRlabs Gender Coordinates Test are independent of the above researchers, organizations, or their affiliated institutions.

The Gender Coordinates Test is based on a recent investigation of the current state of gender conceptions about men and women. However, free online tests and quizzes such as this one are solely first takes and cannot provide accurate assessments of your traits. Hence, the test is intended to be used for educational purposes only. A definitive gender-identity assessment can be made only by the person in question (i.e., oneself).

As the publishers of this free Gender Coordinates Test, which allows you to evaluate how you are being characterized regarding your masculinity or femininity, we have strived to make the test as reliable and valid as possible by subjecting this test to statistical controls and validation. However, free online quizzes such as the present Gender Coordinates Test do not provide professional assessments or recommendations of any kind; the test is provided entirely “as-is.” For more information about any of our online tests and quizzes, please consult our Terms of Service.

Why Use This Test?

1. Free. This Gender Coordinates Test is delivered to you free of charge and will allow you to obtain your scores related to how your gender identity is being perceived, as studied by Dr. Tanja Hentschel, Dr. Madeline Heilman, Ph.D. and Dr. Claudia Peus. Ph.D.

2. First of its kind. This assessment is one of the first major attempts to further operationalize the findings of Dr.Heilman and Dr. Peus’ work on stereotypes and turn them into an accessible online personality test.

3. Statistical controls. Statistical analysis of the test is conducted to ensure maximum accuracy and validity of the test scores.

4. Made by professionals. The present test has been made with the input of people who work professionally with psychology and individual differences research.