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Lifetrap Test

Psychologists Jeffrey E. Young, Ph.D. and Janet S. Klosko, Ph.D. developed the concept of lifetraps as a more compassionate way of dealing with traditional personality styles. Drawing on breakthrough insights from cognitive therapy, their model focuses not just on diagnosis, but on the destructive messages that people internalize early in life, as well as how to change them.

What is your lifetrap? For each of the following items, indicate your level of agreement.

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I am not capable of making it on my own.



The IDR-LTT© is the property of IDR Labs International but pays homage to the works of Jeffrey E. Young, Ph.D., Janet S. Klosko, Ph.D., and Marjorie E. Weishaar, Ph.D. The IDR-LTT is not the equivalent of any clinical instruments developed by these authors.

While this test can help you gauge the extent of your scores on the various scales associated with the 11 lifetraps, it is important to note that test scores do not necessarily translate into real-world assessments as conducted by certified medical personnel with the respondent physically present, and based on an extensive review of the respondent's personal and family history, among other things.

As such, please note that the information provided by this website, on personality styles and otherwise, is rendered to you for educational purposes only. The information is provided "as-is" and should not be construed to constitute professional services or warranties of any kind. The publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, medical, financial, or any other type of professional services. If expert assistance is required, seek the services of a professional elsewhere.

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Why Use This Test?

1. Free. This free online Lifetrap Test is designed to comprehensively measure your personality on the 11 different lifetrap scales and is delivered to you free of charge.

2. Comprehensive. This free online 66-question Lifetrap Test will help the respondent make sense of a wide theoretical framework, merging classical personality style theory with watershed insight from cognitive theory.

3. Clinically oriented. The feedback delivered by this instrument is designed to deliver a clear clinical picture of the respondent’s scores on the 11 Lifetrap scales, as measured according to standardized items.

4. Statistical controls. Statistical analysis of the test is conducted to ensure maximum accuracy and validity of the test scores.

5. Made by professionals. The authors of this test are certified in the use of different personality tests and have worked professionally with typology and personality testing.